MAITREYAnalysis: “AN ME, AUT ILLUD ( Is It Me, Or It ) ?”

Sometimes, it is hard to tell whether the world you are watching has gone insane, or you have.

We find the truth most self-evident not in what we run into, but in what we run away from.

If the future were a straight road, it would all be downhill.

Too much anger shorts circuits the mind and leads to mental discomfort, while greatly restricting our field of vision. Anger is productive fuel, use it wisely.

If you can explain it to yourself, you don’t need to explain it to anyone else. Your understanding might not be easy to explain.

The convenient thing about looking for anything is that you never have to find it, and some things do not want to be found until they are ready.

Eventually, We Inherit For Ourselves, the Life We Create For Others.

The Conditions we leave for those that Follow Us becomes our own Future Inheritance.

Losing the mind is like Giving Birth, Slow and Painful at times, but necessary for New Life, and the loss of Old Programming. Old mind is the sacrifice laid at the altar of new perspective.

It takes Being Insane to see just how Crazy Society has become.

What is most seductive about madness is the magic to be extracted by those who see its flame.

There are Few in our Society who are Enlightened, and Even Fewer Still that are Awake. Enlightenment however is Never Enough, and Awakening is all Too Much to bear, producing as much Horror as Revelation.

Making excuses for things keeps them close to us.

Time doesn’t change as easily as language does. Changing the Language gives the Appearance that Time has Moved On. But time is often lazy and only moves at the nudge of gunpoint.

Wealth is a faithful dog, while money is a wolf who, if not clear who the master is, will always have you on a leash, by the throat.

The Best Reparations for Any Community are Providing Work for it’s Able Bodied Men. Otherwise, it is a Devil’s Army being bred, whose masters are Anger and Denial.

The Right to Work is a Human Right, not a favor, nor should it be Subject to Barter in a just Christian society. Depriving men of work is anti-family and a form of state terrorism.

We turn to Entertainment to Distract from the Fact that most of Our Jobs have been Shipped Overseas, only to discover that most of the Actors Distracting Us are from overseas as well.

In a culture where Growing old isn’t easy, Growing up may be even harder.

It must be tough being African. New viruses always seem to find themselves attacking them. We suspect that they will be free of our mischief; once they run out of resources we covet.

My women friends are valued based on their Unconditional Adoration. My male friends are based on whether or not they are a Compatible Match for a Possible Liver Transplant. ;d

Killing Two Birds With One Stone is a lot easier when the birds are Pigeons and you have Bread in the other hand.

Thinking about a thing too much conforms you to it. Rather, let things concern themselves with you.

The Essence of Spiritual Wisdom Is Common Sense.

I GO WITH THE FLOW, When the Flow Is Going Where I Want To Go. Otherwise, I go My Way, the flow is neither my father, nor master. The salmon find the way home whether the flow is going that way or not.

Faith in the simple power of God is not like Christmas, where you can lose faith in Santa, but still receive the gifts. To access the grace of God and Miracles, IT HELPS TO BELIEVE IN HIM. (And The Shape He Takes Is Between You And Him)!

IMPATIENCE is a THIEF that has cost many their Empire.

A SHORTCUT doesn’t make it the Easier Way. Take the Long Way Home, it has more Stories to tell and Wonders to behold.

The only parts of Levitation that matter are of the Mind. The physical part is just showing off. When Mind Levitates, the World Does Also.

JEALOUSY Is A Lot Of Time Wasted.

The Question isn’t always whether or not it is Real but in whether it Matters. What Matters, You Make Real.

Lasting Change is almost never a Choice, but a Refuge.

Grow slow; there is nowhere else to go. Grow too fast; they start shooting at your ass.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. UNLESS the bird in hand is a bat, and the birds in the bush are eggs laying chickens.

Time Heals All Wounds, except the ones that want to be kept, and worn as Badges of Honor.

The essence of religion is communion, not dogma.

The true Blasphemy in our culture is speaking out against Money. Debate about GOD and you may get a TV show, But Debate About Money And You Die.

WEALTH is a Measure Of All Experience. Wealth also includes, what we are fortunate NOT to have.

If it is not needed, it is in the way.

RACE As An Organizing Principle Is Specious And Bogus. We Are Tribes from ONE race. Our fathers are all the same, though our mothers may be diverse. Race is a lazy, sinister, divisive, herding exercise. You Are My Brother If I Say You Are.

Wisdom & Dogma Can Be As Estranged As A Sigh & A Fart.

Often, Only AFTER Time Has Abandoned Us Can Our Real Life Begin. New life arises from the ashes of burnt out dreams!

We Stop Judging Our Pasts, when we shift the emphasis away from the Life We LIVED and onto the Life We WITNESSED.

The main difference between HELL & PARADISE is that Hell is more Regulated, and A Lot More Expensive.

LOVE may bring people together, but what KEEPS them together is Mutual Insanity.

REBELS are not bred from the lack of discipline but of too much.

Governments know that WHOM WE SATISFY, WE LOSE CONTROL OF.

Sarcasm is a bitter herb formed from the seeds of mistrust, though no less useful in its own measure.

As the Numbers Shrink, the Game Expands.

The most valuable commodity on earth is your ATTENTION SPAN. Lives are even sacrificed to maintain and keep it.

The Image of MASCULINITY, as typically defined in our culture is largely a Gay Conceit, a Fantasy of Concessions slightly beyond the reach of Attainment, a ‘Lure’ more than a Destination and with equal parts Vanity and Self-Loathing Vying for Primacy. But hey, it’s what we have !

THE OBVIOUS is Never More Confusing than when it is Clear.

IN PLAIN SIGHT is still the safest place to commit high treason.

Michael Brown, another political sacrifice for Division and Mind Control. Escaping Poverty is one matter, escaping POLICY another.

There Is Great Money In The Poor For All But the Poor Themselves. And one way or another, by arenas and stadiums filled, records manufactured, films, speeding tickets and vehicle violations, jails built and sold, insurance sold, security systems marketed and fear sold to elect politicians to adopt ever more draconian laws, young black men are a very valuable state commodity. They seem to ‘scare’ up a lot of business. They, like Africa, will finally be free of their tormented image, once it ceases being of such high value to commercial interests, and separatist causes.

And in general, the poor are simply too useful as assets to liberate. The cycle of poverty is directly tied to our wheels of ‘progress’. Our fear of them is used to generate more industry.

And ALL of us who participate in this ‘economy’ (and all justifications for it) are guilty.

There are none that travel like the dead. Nor none that speak as clear.

CYNIC’S DICTIONARY. CEASEFIRE: A period of détente allowing both sides to restock up on weapons before hostilities resume.

Love is the great gift, the grand prize. The greater blessing is common sense. We KNOW that love can be variously, deaf, dumb and blind.

The pride of a young man’s dream is of a great life. The gleam in a gentleman’s eye is of a simple life.

GREED is a Fear of Death. For as long as there is greed, there exists a lust for life. And lust is a fertile womb for the living.

Living your life as if it belongs to you is the ultimate form of protest.

It seems that for some, the only way to eradicate poverty is to eradicate the poor.

The police in Italy are a model of how to be effective but not brutal.

I don’t like being ‘HYPHENATED’; I’m an American and no more African than I am Polish.

Second hand smoke but second hand opinions choke.

Our Youth Is Mainly Destroyed By Our Minds, which first betrays it before begging its forgiveness, and an extension of memory.

Sometimes our masters are sacrificed to give the children more time to catch up to them. Though Just As Soon to find a Bored Lion than another Lord Byron.

If one cannot quite outrun poverty, one can at least hope to outspend it.

SENTIMENT IS CHEAP, but Very Expensive when Invested in.

Unfortunately, once a DISEASE Finds A Market, it takes a Hell of a Long Time to Find a Cure.

The real money is not in eradicating disease but in finding new ones.

For as long as profit governs medicine, disease will govern us.

A Good BEER, releases toxins from the body and clears the mind.

(And remember not to drink and drive, unless your mother in law is in the front seat ;d).

DESPERATION follows its own law and logic its own tact.

CANCER is often SUPRESSED RAGE, which the ‘Good’ are taught not to express nor find outlet for. We know for sure that Life can be a Bitch, and that sometimes it Takes A Bitch to survive it.

The key to a young/new relationship is LISTENING to one another.

The key to LONGEVITY in a long-term relationship is to STOP listening to one another.

A New Life Requires A New Language.

A man’s eternal meditation is “WHY AM I HERE”, until he marries, after which the question becomes, “WHAT DID I DO NOW?”

WE Chase What We Are Waiting for and Crucify what we Seek, and then Resurrect it hoping to Find it.

Of course ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’, your mother now rents out your room to her tennis instructor, your new ‘uncle’, Paolo.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, but it is also where the Jehovah’s Witnesses know where you live.

What doesn’t kill us still usually winds up in foreclosure.

TAKE TWO: What doesn’t kill us usually winds up being used against us in divorce proceedings and custody battles.

It Takes As Much Discipline to Balance One’s Vices as to Abstain.

Entertainers are largely promoted for their willingness to participate in DEMOGRAPHIC APARTHEID; Preferences for things and people, used as a means of identification, separation and crowd control. Artists, who bring people together across blurring and non-static lines, are shunned and often persecuted. In some countries, they are even taken out back and literally beaten with a stick!

When Men Who Are Millionaires paid to promote our way of life kill themselves in increasing numbers, perhaps it doesn’t say much about our Values and Way of Life. Men who have the Best of Everything are saying; “Fuck It, This Sucks.” And that is not good.

Our system has a dead heart, which leads to a dead end.

Miracles are practical laws in application that faith and patience activate. It is not ‘mystical’.

What is ‘mystical’ is all the bullshit that conceals logic and is used to foment distraction.

Extra Effort Is Extra Security!

The Greater Mischief is not in Lying but in Telling the Truth.

The difference between a Dream and a Wish is your Will.

The way of the world is to Punish it’s Young, and then Ask forgiveness later.

I never found the straight and narrow path. Mine was all curves and sharp bends and almost all uphill.

Never Get Stuck with a Mouth you Don’t Like!

I doubt that the Devil would accept me into hell. He’d be too afraid that I would try to change it.

Accomplishment Is Restful.

Don’t let tomorrow be an excuse for not living today.

Bipolar Bear says: I STILL BELIEVE! I just forget at times what it is I am meant to believe.

Once you figure out your strategy, figure out how to destroy it. The game feeds itself on the unprepared.

Sometimes we do dumb things in order to confound ourselves and keep our attention. A bored mind is a dangerous toy.

Life kills fewer men than convention does.

Neither are we given direction, but trends. Nor leaders, but spokesmen.

Our current society model singles out men for their strengths, but chooses them for their weaknesses, the better to exert control.

The law of dynamics suggests that commanding two men is easier than commanding one alone.

A similar law states that trying to bed two lesbians is smarter than trying just one.

Though I am ‘told’ that the law is quite flexible….

A Man Who Works Stays Closer To Reason.

The greater courage is not to Flee Hell, But To Stand in its Circles and Dance, while the fires last.

The Key To Selling Spray Painted Goldfish is to sell them fast!

The roots of most crimes rest not in poverty but policy. The nexus is simple: More laws equal more crime, while the fewer laws, the fewer criminals.

My Cynic’s Dictionary cites DYSLEXIA as ‘Alphabetical Disorder’.

A Free Lunch will eventually Cost You More than the one you Pay for.

I love the possibilities of the Internet but I don’t trust all of this CLOUD business. Too many apps and programs seem almost desperate for cloud and total access. And it leaves WAY too much room for mischief. In many respects increasingly, Evil doesn’t even TRY to hide its face anymore. We are paying THESE BITCHES for our own entrapment, as most apps seem but dressed up Trojan spyware and psyc-ops mechanisms. Brilliant! They get us to pay them for oppressing us!

We are not really drawn to clowns because they make us laugh. Deep down, we are drawn to them because we really want to beat them, and make them feel the pain. Because the circus has gotten too big for us to attack, so we pummel the clowns instead. And then back we return to our portfolios of premises and prerogatives whistling our merry tunes and whittling our miseries into flutes worthy of our blues and approbation.

The moral?

The best way to verify the bearded lady is to grab her by the balls…..

…And life rolls On. Today’s Insight Becomes Tomorrow’s Judgment.

We are not the same Today as Yesterday and by tomorrow,

We will be further Gone.

MILANO October 1st, 2014