When you judge your desires you hinder your healing.
Desire is the body calling healing to itself, emotional healing.
When you let judgment go, you let healing in.



We are who we are!
And the more respect we have for it 
The more respect we receive for it.


Curiosity compels me to ask: 
Would Jesus have driven a Chrysler?



Déjà vu's are time warps revealing themseves.


Fairy tales are all archetypes of essence, like the Gods of myth and remind us of who we really are, for we have forgotten and are punishing ourselves for it with a stringent suffocating morality and a dim view of life.


Do you know what the basic difference is between us and monkeys? 
Monkeys don't either!



There is no death, 
The fear of death, 
The belief in death,
Is just a lack of imagination.



Much of bilocation is thought projection and experiencing the earth as a holographic interdimensional energy field and using its natural waveforms to transport matter.


Life is a series of conclusions which follow your idea of yourself. If you wish to change your life, change your idea of yourself and life shall prepare to present those conclusions.



There are three graces in the driven heart of man: 
· The pursuit of Love
· The pursuit of dreams
· And the noble execution of our duties and responsibilities as we ourselves recognize them. 
There is also another capital Grace: The pursuit of that which keeps the peace with our dragons until we have made peace with ourselves.



All karma is just an opportunity to overcome a judgement You hold against yourself. Compassion for your humanity in all its colours and shades erases karma and builds Grace!


Adversity clarifies your answers and greatly focuses your questions. A clear question is the father of clear answers.


In the presence of Grace 
All things reduce to their essence.


It is the plight of all heroes to suffer man 
For it is against your suffering that they measure your sincerity.


A man of true self respect feels bound by honour to respect 
His needs, whatever the depths of his judgement about them . 
If a man is not willing to support his own desires , avoid him , 
For he will only go about tearing down yours .


The saying: "pride goes before a fall" is not an admonishment against pride. It is a forwarning that should our pride in ourselves go down the tubes, it is inevitable that we shall experience unfavourable circumstances to our Grace and composure. Whatever you are (and you are an amalgamation of many things) be proud of it Of your sex, your gender, your 'race', your religious faith, your political associations, your football team and respect the pride others have in their choices and your life will be more not less fulfilling.
Rejoice that people are different from you, it only frames what you are more!



All praises be to Sir Mick Jagger! 
Way cool! 



Let your effort be your prayer 
And you kill two birds with one stone



He never counts the fruits 
Who always counts the seeds



Acceptance for what is, is the first law of Grace 


Late happy birthday to Madonna! 
A woman I've grown to appreciate all the more the smarter the years leave me.
As much as any woman in the late 20th century, she moved her tribe forward into a broader idea of themselves and my generation of men are that much less afraid of a tough, smart woman who knows what she wants. 
As a father of a daughter who also admires her, I am grateful for her example. All blessings to her! 


All blessings to you!