Head’s up, as I’m not receiving a dime from them but a GUINNESS is really good for the music!


Perfection can never be lived, it can only be saved.


Most child molestation is neither physical nor sexual, but psychological and a great deal of it happens in our school system.


Although I’m still waiting for the HARVARD test research results, unofficially it has now been concluded that 4 out of 5 men will usually kick 3 out of 4 men’s butt. Meditate on this, I’m sure it’s important and you’ll be quizzed on it later.


The more we run, the more we run into it.


Our political system exists now more for lobbyists and their paymasters than for we, once the people. At least we still get to wave at them when they pass by in the pretty parade cars holding them and their sponsors.


A real woman is less hostile to a fortune that her man has earned, than a fortune that he has traded.


Right now, the NRA are the biggest bullies in America and are holding others hostage to their interpretation of the law.


….from a musical standpoint, this WAR SUCKS because unlike VIETNAM this war has got no tunes. ‘NAM had WAGNER, HENDRIX, OTIS, the TEMPS, SLY, The STONES et al. This here war? THIS IS A HILLARY DUFF / Boyband WAR for crying out loud !


A youth can never appreciate his youth, he can only live it. Youth, like good wine can only be appreciated after it has been absorbed.


IF ANY OF THIS MAKES SENSE TO YOU, please consult with a physician (it may be worse than you think!)


Those who are taught to suppress a healthy EGO are taught wrong, it takes millions of years to put a good EGO together and is tantamount to treason to try and extinguish such a flame. Better to suppress a dull ego or one not in love with itself than to place such a taxing burden on the soul as to damn its HALO , which a healthy EGO is.


I am reminded of the limo rides I used to be taken on by a powerful female exec employed by the great and mighty goliath, SONY RECORDS upon arriving in NEW YORK, back in the days when I had business there,and given refrain after refrain of how vital I was to the FUTURE of the company and that I was (I used to love this!): ONE OF THE JEWELS IN THE company’s CROWN. She would speak it like a mantra, and repeat it almost verbatim each time she took me for the same ride. Always the future, never the present and after hearing once too oft the jewel in the crown palaver, I interjected into her brain cramp; WHICH JEWEL IN THE CROWN AM I EXACTLY? ONE OF THE ONES’ AT THE TOP, OR ONE OF THOSE LITTLE TINY ONES AT THE BACK OF THE NECK? The worst part of the memory of that era is that, after all of that, I never even got a good hand job out of it. The moral? ALWAYS BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE, but never getting over the hump.


PS: thanx to our sweet Dutch LIL for her years of dedicated service and work. w/o her we would be EMILIO JEFFERSON or DAVID HATCH but certainly not Sananda. BACI XXXXX


…….but wait, there’s more!


It is the wise man who lets his seasons dictate his law and not his philosophy.


Remember, take your time, when it builds slow it stays long.


If you get a chance, check out: BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES, a great doc/film that makes some of the same points that I’ve been droning on about for some time. Go to the website www.beforethemusicdies.com and download it.


When you are young , you almost pray for people to like you (our approval rating is everything), upon the age of reason however, you are grateful to alienate half of the assholes otherwise engaging your precious time for compost.


Synchronized Witches !


The first time I met the young maestro Jeff Buckley, was in the NYC office of Mr. Steven Berkowitz. I was both amused and delighted as JEFF, as if straight out of the film AMADEUS, started spinning around the office like a spyro-gyro (straight out of Cairo). He didn’t stop until I left the room. I put it down to the eccentricities of his particular genius, perhaps his medications, and left it at that.


…….a shout out of respect to STEVE BERKOWITZ, who kindly and diligently looked after BUCKLEY’s psyche during the -kill the real artists- period of the 90s. He was also one of the painfully rare few that actually like, even enjoy musical expression.


Sometime this early summer will have witnessed 20 years since Introducing… I cannot in earnest truth say whether this witness has during that time been more burdened by SONY or the MIAMI DOLPHINS. Which of these two have caused more of my chafing cannot be w/o more distance ascertained, but that they both run neck in neck can be. Especially during the mysterious silent 90s when I could’ve used more of the Dolphin’s help. I guess this was when the team owner felt more called to censor the morality of a whole nation and its colonial clients, than to put the best team on the field and leave MIAMI and its beleaguered and constantly frustrated fan base with a permanent erection that never gets relieved. We never stink bad enough to draft high, and never go deep in the pool (the playoffs). On top of all of this, I’m also a lifetime CHICAGO CUB dependent, which is now becoming academically accepted as a contributor to malingering depression and male pattern baldness.


The gifted BEN HARPER is fortunate in having a brother, as matinée as he who is as well a world class artiste, a painter/sculpture and general French beret wearing type. His name is PETER HARPER and he, on his own merit is worth your investigation. Kudos to the Mama Harper.


3/15 homeboy, maestro RY COODER and the immense necessity of Madame MAVIS STAPLES, have together made a fine American work in their latest collaboration and your ears will be neither deceived nor disappointed. IPOD this work ASAP !


I would not wish the recording biz on anyone not already disturbed. If you are not disturbed going in, you will be coming out. One comes to appreciate that the corporations do not exist in order to promote artists, but to contain and limit their power as their fan-base are milked like cows .


..for clarification: INFLUENZA IN FIRENZE (literally, the flu in Florence)


If pres. CLINTON was called the first black prez, then should she succeed her hubs, MADAME HILLS would be the first prez wit dat black womans’ butt !! (which in and of itself might garner a few votes, if they can just find a way to de-republicanize the voting machines so that unlike the last two elections, brothers as well may participate in the democratic process).


….bear with me if you will, these confessions are therapy for me and help me to clear my soul……


From my perspective , what made PREZZIES REAGAN and CLINTON so effective were their abilities as performers and communicators. They were both masters of engagement. Both radiated the comfort with which they wore their residency in the presidency.


……..war is hell…for the soldiers, but for the investors, it is not.


Should my life ever be satirized, I too would love to be portrayed by HELEN MIRREN.


I encourage those who like great healing , soothing and uplifting pre- digital music to check out the availability of two meisterwerken from the mid 70’s by the incomparable LONNIE LISTON SMITH and his crew THE COSMIC ECHOES. The first is called: VISIONS OF A NEW WORLD and the next; EXPANSIONS. They are a brilliant example of conscious music that spirits the mind into softer more rounded forms. Imagine PINK FLOYD meets beautiful mellow soul/jazz ala ROY AYERS and you’ve got the gist. It’s also a superb set for getting moist and physical. Favour yourself and grab at it, and thank me somewhere down the road.


…and like the blues, good country understands.


Mimics, it’s all about the mimics now. Show original and you are shown the door. Show the capacity to imitate and you will be employed for as long as there are artists to mimic. If you can dance and are willing to wear a silly hat, then you’ll be subsidised by the label for life…………


Thank the big G that COBAIN is hiding out in space, or they’d be asking him to make sure his dick fell out as he was exiting his car for the paparazzi……..


….and now hopefully you can see the small government mantra for the Trojan horse that it was. Small gov. favours the few, “big” gov. the many, or at least more than just the 1% of the population that the small gov. password seems to mean.


To contemplate GOD is to reduce ourselves as the mind can only reduce what it cannot comprehend and what is beyond it. The mind was not devised to contemplate the big CHEESE, it was devised to contemplate and thereby maintain itself and in so doing come to know its own virtue and the full value of its own reflection. GOD is in this.


There is no norm, unless literally your name is NORM.


….and if you see these symbols in your dream: àç=^§, it means: welcome to the fifth gate !


And do not hesitate to remember that by the hours we gain what the minutes would loosely throw away. Hold onto yourself so that the tide may lift and not drown you .


Productivity is a great blessing to a man’s spirit. There can be few things more rewarding to a man than work.


In our next writing I will share with you some of the juicy details of my time spent with some of the spies sent to me by the estab to bed and pick my brain….




Mi esplain? My wife’s padre is from TORINO (Turin to the tourists) and they are, en famille, supporters of the MIGHTY AND GIGANTIC JUVENTUS !!!!! The “STIKS” our live consort as drummer is a lifelong INTER-ista and constantly harangues me about my (in his view) misplaced allegiance, but INTER fans ; quite apart from this year are a tribe of sufferers and I’ve already got my lifelong suffering card courtesy of the MIAMI DOLPHINS. So a couple of matches were “ALLEGEDLY” influenced, this is after all big time international sport and not something to be taken as seriously as CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER. Rigged matches? So are the charts and the stock market. The men on the field do what they can get away with and the boys in the back follow the same law and who gets caught simply gives back a few trophies, is relegated and comes back and puts INTER in their rightful station; namely behind: the great and formidable JUVE!


Both the Stiks and Mrs Maitreya can vouch for the fact that I bet A.C. Milan to win 2-1 and we did !!! No offence to Liverpool, I just needed to make some quick cash..


and we’d like to wish Mrs. Frances Darby a happy birthday and a bappy earthday ! Relevant to May 24.


I really do have to go now , I’m being paged by ELVIS………..


Thank you all for the tremendous encouragement your support and enthusiasm allows. Thank you for your purchases and your reception of INFLUENZA. In truth I didn’t think I sounded up to scratch for a release but was heavily outvoted by some of the new school. Then I asked myself “WWOD” (what would Otis do? ). The big O would’ve counted off and reminded the virus who was in charge. We aim to, from time to time, unleash the documents we record in order to invite you into more of a living experience of the music. We shall not rest until we have encouraged enough forces to participate in making the doll of music anatomically correct again.


we refer to OTIS REDDING and not that dude who was always locked up and in jail on the old ANDY GRIFFITH show.


The 80’s witnessed the demise of artists as comrades and supporters of one another. Competitive though we have always been, once our culture and sharing it took precedence over the sheer pettiness that took over in the 80?s and isolated everything. We once acted like a community and it showed in the music and performances, now me and BIG ARTIST NAME HERE have to act like we don’t know each other unless we tempt the FBI monitoring our calls or he gets a worm put into his head about something I’ve said (or not), so that we don’t inspire one another to greater heights. I used to call up or write artists in the old school days to inspire them or to let them know that I was thinking of them only to be rebuffed like a pariah (usually by management- the artists most of the time never got the message) , or glanced upon with a suspicious “what does he want?” when I only wanted to say “ HEY “, or “ how is your pride holding up ?” Artists were on full lockdown during this time , much as they remain and I saw the total corporate destruction of any sense of the community we used to naturally feel for the other clowns among ourselves. Only another artist can know the width of the cut and how it folds , and there are some realities that management and its’ bean counters can never know. An isolated artist is more prone to longer fits of depression and more susceptible to the states’ mind – control games. Upon whom it largely rests responsibility, the managers, make certain that the artists mind mirrors that of their handlers and not by any means their fertile imaginations or their belief in a higher science and access to same .


Above all , believe in yourself and you already begin on higher ground .


If an idiot engages you in conversation long enough, they will pass their confusion on to you; so try to keep those conversations short .


Ok , now we move into our dance with italics…….


The contradiction in our ways prove not our instability but our ingenuity.


I don’t know about you but I’m finding it hard to tell the difference in the candidates w/o a sex tape. Perhaps if we could get a better look at the good Senator from the great state of Illinois, OBAMA caught in the raw or a closer more intimate view of Madame HILLS and BILL going at it, we could come to better ascertain their position on several matters more clearly. Preferably the candidates will choose positions friendly to the viewing perspective of the voter, enabling us to grasp a better feel………(it’s ok to ditch the soft focus flag waving in the background sort of thing).


Underage sex is NOT COOL; it may be exciting as hell but cool it ain’t , and we trust that our pols will not get caught with their pants down on this matter again, there are more than enough bored hausfrauen to keep the nation’s politicos happy, let’s leave the kids alone.


..and yet ,the good news is this; due to how fast INDIA and CHINA are gaining on us in the rear view mirror, we will no longer be able to afford the luxury of our former prejudices. We can ill afford at this point sustaining such a half -assed view of our own, when there are now close to 2 billion others hungry to overtake us. We need all available hands on deck. Educating our own towards a stronger economy would go a long way towards re-energizing both the bottom line and the body politic. And encouraging patriotism is easier when a stake in ones’ culture removes the ( parenthesis ) from ones’ citizenship. This is game time and we either want to win , or we don’t.


..when we stop interfering with Africa’s time, we’ll inherit back more of our own.


I too am writing a book on OPRAH WINFREY titled:” I know absolutely nothing about Oprah, but her name in the title sells and I need the cash!”- TREEHOUSE PUBL.


Although I grew up hearing about the GOLDEN GATE QUARTET ; I never really listened to them until reading that Maestro ENO, (of the Brian variety) was a huge fan . Lo and behold, my local kiosk had a Cd and I purchased it and came to know a little more. In Italy , you can buy almost anything from a kiosk, sometimes even a home or car.


The inhabitants of MARS , locked in a deadly civil war, sent scout ships to find a planet suitable for the select few who could be saved and relocated. These inhabitants, a dark skinned race due to their proximity to the sun, began emergency colonization on EARTH near the SINAI peninsula as its climate was closest to that of MARS, the “old country”. Transferring the knowledge from their native planet they built pyramids and other architectural models and began “civilizing” the native tribes in their path, or colonizing as another might put it. Over time the mating between these dark Lords and their slaves produced the blend that after one of many exoduses became the peoples of the Mediterranean. The blood unions politically formed with their colonies would’ve also produced progeny which in time became the bloodstock of EUROPE. Much later in their development, the MOORS were sent through to replenish the blood connection to MARS. Much of what passes for memories of ATLANTIS are in effect genetic recall of life on MARS. Although we were pretty much all black on the home planet, our consciousness was much more diverse. Many there are here on earth who are now spread out amongst the different tribes who were all of one feather on MARS. Before the great nuclear war destabilized it, the orbit of MARS wasn’t as close to the sun as it became .The current moon of earth was once the main node between MARS and her nemesis MERCURY. After the calamity, it fell into the orbit of earth. It was an alliance with MERCURY that helped the Martians drive out the other “GODS” (as the natives would’ve seen the traders mining earth for resources). Many of the ASIAN and middle eastern tribes descend from the MERCURIALS, and some of the DNA of the Caucasian tribes hail from the planet that became our moon………


Extinction is never permanent. Nature can resurrect anything it retains memory of. Dwarves are not a diseased tribe (only in comparison to the mutants that we are) but like Albinos and people over 6ft8 (per esempio), the survivors of tribes which once ruled earth and are now ALMOST extinct, but not quite yet. Just because we notice something different in the makeup of others doesn’t make it a disease. Every tribe which has logged time on this planet leaves its memory in the general genetic pool of earth and sometimes still today, they pop back out and surprise us. The cycles of life are so long, that blacks and whites have been the others slaves 3 times already before even the birth of the CEASERS in ROME. Likewise, there was once a dominant race which ruled the spin of man who were related to the mythical AMAZONS, and they were in all appearance women with penises: the transvestite and the urge towards it are both connected to this race memory and how many of us respond to them has a lot to do with having vanquished them in battle ages and ages ago and the fear that we would retain of them.


The FRENCH are the rational side of the ITALIANS .


We mainly judge AFRICA, a MARS colony if ever there was one, through the lens of Mercury, which naturally distorts all things Mars, its nemesis.


We are roughly now in history exactly where we were on MARS before the nuclear holocaust destroyed her. Repeating pretty much the same countdown and already looking for new places to inhabit……


We mustn’t rush to give the planet all the global warming credit (a lot of it IS oil and mining related), the SUN has also shifted and his solar rays are carrying a different gravity than before. WE are also mutating and in turn effecting the mirrored mutation of our planet. There should be concern and action, but as with anything, moderation. For the right wing their last “chicken little” episode was “WMD” and now the left are episoding “global warming”. Again it is an important issue, though perhaps not as important as a lifesaver than as a money raiser and as a way to use nature to impose more political correctness on the populace, much like the way religion uses the notion and fear of the big G to silence debate and consensus. There are alarmists in every party and every wing.


We have heretofore had 4 seasons but who is to say that nature doesn’t edit over time? Maybe we’ll mutate into those 3 season types. Who needs February, we all know that it’s a pain in the gluteas and august is becoming redundant. At this point all summer needs is about a one month intro and we’ll reduce winter into a simple solid 2 months and be done with it .Maybe just maybe we’ll all mutate into darkies again and conjure up memories of life on MARS before the resource wars tore it apart (which became in time a civil war ). Think about it ; were we all black again I could invite DICK CHENEY into the band ! (and he’d be the funkiest fuzz bass man ever…)


the immigration issue? America wants to strengthen its standing army or it does not. If it does it makes sense to open the borders a little bit wider ….


TU SEI INDIMENTICABILE and don’t forget it !


…or we could subcontract our wars out to the French foreign legion..


Is it just me or can I really smell your breath from here ?


Global warming is not only about fluorocarbon emissions, it is also about our thoughts concerning one another. Our consciousness is great and influences the climate even as the climate influences us. As our anger heats up, naturally our world will as well. It does no good to alter emissions or improve vehicle consumption standards if we still finance wars against others for political or corporate reasons. We’ll still call upon ourselves our own chastisement. Intolerance produces a lot of bad weather……..


We are stuck as a national community because we see too much of race and not enough of consciousness. Instead of fearing superior weaponry conquering us, we might fear instead being vanquished by those of superior awareness, who would see more of consciousness and our lack of it, than they would ever see of race and its irrelevance to our survival in the face of an army whose weapons are vision and knowledge.


AFRICAN-AMERICAN, ITALIAN-AMERICAN, etc. These are insults and divisive. Are we in these times of redefinition AMERICANS or not? Remove the hyphen as hyphens become shields and even at times, lances. Our obsession with our differences have cost us the remedy of our similarities and have driven us away from the center of our fortune. Great societies make use of what is there and from the many voices ONE great tone rings out. We ought to stop looking for hyphenated reasons to further divide and politicize ourselves and come together so we can win.


The other thing is, once you give a group a hyphen then they want their own parade ………


We seem a culture which makes it easier to discriminate than harder. African-Americans have a hard enough time without having to declare in advance that they are not the mayflower Americans some prefer. We ought be proud of the mayflowers, they came boat-wise one way, some came boat-wise another. Mainly, we ought be proud of all of the genetics which have helped us win, and which have made people the world over envy the multi-verse that we are, and all that has gone into bleeding it into a form that would drive the fuse of the world. We ought be proud of the calamine blood as well as the vinegar which provided the starch in our lean, the jut in our jaw, the manhood in our pants. We ought be proud of the most refined and wan of wispy whiteness AND the deepest nigger you can find, the deeper the better. We ought be proud that we have forged through pain and sacrifice a culture which has our kids trying to be the other. May our raging queens find the space to grow, may all be able to marry and follow their romance, may our uber masculine overlords find their home on the range, and may we all come to see the call of AMERICA as a new challenge, not a challenge that weakens but a challenge that lifts……..


SANANDA (he who must never be named) MAITREYA


OK, see you later, I gotta go now and burp my wife…..

MILANO 26th MAY 2007