To my angels, vampires and assorted gremlins and shareholders…

When a man begins to realize that every day honestly and fully lived brings him another step closer to God, he not only begins to lose his fear of aging but embraces it like his first class ticket to paradise.


Because Creator is loving, we are allowed to persecute his will. Yet because Creator is nothing if not perfect balance, even in fairness to itself we also in time experience creators wrath for presuming to do the same.


The world beats its artists into shape. True artists beat them back and this constitutes the limbic dance between the world and those who would dare describe the world that they see, even if it does not as yet exist.


It is not in the name, it's in the game.


If you have the right to bear arms, then I have the right to bare breasts!


The spirit of Buddha sponsored Beethoven, the essence of Jesus sponsored Mozart.


For any musician of any genre, they can only be enriched and enlarged by learning how to listen to and appreciate Mozart and Beethoven. School is always in session upon the ears falling open to these great Buddha's works, one a yin master, one yang. They are still the greatest pop song writers of all time, save the holy name of Bach.


Likewise 'The Duke' (Ellington, not John Wayne) was a matrix construct connected to Buddha Mind.


Could not the Mozart construct have been fitted to Paul Mc Cartney and Beethoven's to Lennon? The etheric matter of angel bodies are always preserved for future use in service to human evolution. The chief angels sponsor all great movement forward. Miles Davis for example was a direct hit from the heart of Gabriel, himself/herself/itself a master scientist through sound and mathematics.


Alcohol (of course in due moderation) is not a poison, it chases poisons out of the body stored beneath emotional stagnation. The earth and its fruits are well considered, it is our judgements that are not and which are more poisonous than whatever we would use to expose it and chase it out. Of course this only counts if you are drawn to alcohol as one of your medicines. If not, I'm sure you have considered other things which fit well into your 'trick bag'. I've yet to meet an honest man who can survive this world without a 'trick bag'. A 'trick bag' consists of whatever it takes (including or not including what to read, what to watch, what to swallow, what to eat, what to touch and hold, prayer/meditation etc.) to find yourself, maintain your state of projection and make it through the day without killing somebody or yourself…


The truth is usually hidden in the verb and the judgement in the adjective.


For new young bands: Make your music downloadable and available and print your Cd cover and information in high resolution on the net thereby enabling others to put the package together themselves as a kind of localised 'pirate distribution' service! Your bootleggers today become your distributors tomorrow. Most of all be patient and not occupying the negative side of greed. If you are only in it for the money, you are part of the problem, so take this advice now and with all deliberate speed, get out while you have a chance.


It is better to be bitter than dead, at least the bitter still burn with the fires of life.


It does no good to fear another man, he'll only hold it against you anyway.


If you hold and buy into racist ideas and beliefs regardless of your colour (for racism is an equal opportunity seducer), you cannot ever hope to escape racism practiced against you. Those who believe in racism as law confront it far more likely than those for whom it is but a slice of life and not the whole apple. We all have reasons to justify why our pain and suffering is worse than someone else's. After a while we get stuck in the repeated telling of our 'story'. Everyone has a story and in order to move beyond the pain of yesterday we must let go of the 'story'. Because as our story begins to age, we begin to age with it.


I think that it would be a grand idea for our culture to confront a need that too many others remain shy in asking for but which I believe to be necessary all the same. What is this useful service I speak up for? Adult burping! We assume that only babies have need of this process, yet I suggest to the sensible among you that many a man or woman's discomfort can be alleviated if after finishing their meal, they place themselves onto the lap of a friendly partner or colleague and with bib or without, allow themselves a nice burping episode! It clears the mind. We deserve a healthy life!


Napoli, la vita è bella!


Living a lie is more expensive than living your truth. The truth is more cost effective.


A man is not fully a man unless he has been absorbed and loved by a woman. Neither is he a man unless he has been fully hated by one either.


As often as not, hate is love's passion denied.


Young musicians: never be ashamed of what your budget can afford. Play it from your heart and you increase its value. As long as it rocks, price is irrelevant.



This is you
at the back
of your own


The scientists and the religionists are both right. The story of Adam is the same story in allegorical language for the emotional (religious) man that the theory of the atom is for the intellectual (scientific) man. Both stories/theories explain the same process for the different portions of the brain.


You awaken when your dreams come true.


Be careful that your 'spirituality' is not just another mask through which you distance yourself from your animal instinct, the begetter of all blessings and the knower of all paths. Sometimes the more 'spiritual' we are, the more distant and ashamed we are of the vehicle spirit created to express through.


David meeting Goliath was inevitable. Goliath was stealing from him and cutting off access between David and his tribe. By the time of the showdown, David was deeply vexed and looking forward to the meeting with such focus, that Goliath, confident that his size had already hypnotized David as it did everyone else, never stood a chance. It is not the size of the man in the fight, it is the size of his manhood.


'Spirituality' is often a mask or a false personality construct adopted by a soul in order to have time to heal as well as process great trauma. The more the trauma is processed and reintegrated into the soul system, the more back into balance it comes with the animal nature.


The rings of Saturn represent the different frequency rays through which the Angels come. Each ring is a thought wave of the 12th dimension. Angels are born and rejuvenated there.


It seems now that in America freedom of speech is becoming a figure of speech. Freedom of expression is the most important issue of our time. The freedom to express the full truth of who we are and the choices we must make in order to honour it.


The lions' roar is meant to arouse the God within themselves. Roar!


The jumping bean reminds us that when a thing is alive with creators spirit, it is hard not to share its joy with the world.


A woman when she needs to love is the world's most powerful thing.


From just the memory of a blade of grass, the whole universe could be reconstructed.


The quality of our peace increases when we see that the value of our lives is in the work itself and not necessarily the outcome.


Homer was not a Greek, but a Greek citizen. He was in fact Omar, a Macedonian of an Afro-Asian lineage. He is the father of the literary portion of the western mind.


Arts' greatest power is in inciting debate.


A key to your success: always remember that at any given moment, you have exactly the amount of education and training you need to get yours. It isn't about your background or economic conditions. It is about the value you have for your life and the will to continue raising it.


One of the primary issues of our time is the subsidies by act and neglect that is decimating the African population. One way or another and by many clandestine means we are witnessing the slow but sure mass slaughter of a continent still being terrorized by some of the old colonists who covet the most valuable real estate on earth for themselves. As Africa is the root chakra of the planet, her unrest and instability destabilizes the whole world and will eventually affect and dampen the rest of the western economy.


When in doubt, just be present. Doubts fade in the light that the present moment brings.


Every bruise that we attain along the path of our truth ripens in time to become the souls' badges of honour, which decorates its armour with polished pride.


Rhythm is the Morse code of space.

The elder lions may believe in the exact and orderly timing of the procession, of the turning of the wheel but the young lions don't.
While the elder lions voice to hold the line, the young lions roar to extend it.


Sign of the times: it is only a matter of time before an artists' record is rejected by a major label for not having enough ring tones on it. "Go back into the studio and don't come out until you've come up with some ring tone friendly songs"!


We fight because we are hostile to the idea that God is love.


Most of your time in life will be consumed in the struggle with others for control of how you see yourself. 

To wait for a change to come is to wait for more judgements to arrive. As you find yourself now is the beginning of all joy. 

Especially true for men:

Lower back pain is the result of crystallizations in the body and all crystallization is unshed tears stemming from disappointments in life and suppressing emotions needing to be expressed. Any program that allows you to get in touch with these tears will allow your body, a reservoir for the emotions, to shed the pain and show the gain. As it pertains to the lower back, it pertains to the past or what is behind you.

Life responds to you as you see yourself. It's the law. See yourself as a loser and life, a mirror not a judge, will bring you the losers' receipts. See yourself as a winner and life herself will crown you and with as much glory as you feel you deserve. 




Shot down by a senators' arrow
left wounded and bleeding on the eastern plain
a lady on a white horse appeared
applauded and cheered
then asked to shelter what remained
I staggered up on her molten steed
and dropped the path that saddled my back
this feels finally on track
there are no expectations
just a need
to circumcise this grief
then, when appendage is limp
I erect to Morpheus in bronze and cotton
the simple dreams
that I'd forgotten


A falcon aloft
perched on a tree
stretching his veil of
and scanning the fields
beneath its claws
and beneath its old desires
while measuring the wind
to see how much
wingspan the day requires.


A falcon
soaring on a pin point roam
the sky is home
a tree top is strictly for the birds
and trees are full of leaves
for the shadows they bring
a falcon gets fed up with
other people's moans
in falcon mind there's only room
for silence and the will to survive
but wait
falcon now sees rodent
and begins his dive


The falcon can never flinch
in the presence of what it fears
this would betray the law of those
who pray before they prey
and would expose all in a moment
sensitive are the arrows ears
to the breath of what calls to own it
death is coming
be still
I'll bend its form
to my feathered will


Once while flying through the air
a worm got stuck in my throat
that's the last time
I'll keep my diet light
now I only eat
what I have to fight


Coarse are the feathers
that stick to the back
of the blade
a stitch
will be needed for sure
but at least you know
your blood is pure
and that your honour has made
the grade
and suffers not
for loss of face
once, while in rich fields of hay
I did without delay
vanish without a trace
and seeing this I did
forever more
straddle the spaces I hid before


The bow creased the wind like a mad thrust
And found its seat in my wailing vein
And the problem in being vain
Is that it saps one's spirit as well as pride
But after the paragraphs have died
Which spoke of valour in the face of death
All one can do is swallow and take another breath


At the branding board
Mary went through several periods
Where she could only
Paint in blood
Judas smokes beneath
A hammered tree

One – two – three


Falcon hears the wretched
Anguish and screams
Of mute despair
The hammering of flesh
And the fists between the beams
Balled up like a rusted sickle
He thinks to himself
Man's faith
Is so fickle
Even when they are praying
They are still only preying on
The feathers that fall
From the father's only son


Falcon recalls:
As soon as I jumped in the water
I saw sharks
With my blue star tail
And the water making sparks
I hatched out in a nest of
Aches and pains
And I wear my feelings
Like I use to wear my chains


The sax players solo
Was longer then mine
So I curled up my trumpet
And counted the time
It was past midnight
And I had to go
I was already in the cab
When I started to blow
I'd have missed
My train
To Buffalo


One blink of the eye
And 'BAM' its tree
And tired of chewing the scenery
Falcon takes to the road
A beak can be fixed
A wing can be sewed
and a good story
can always be found
to justify the turnaround
and maybe he'll adjust his blueprint
while stranded on the ground


A falcon
Once spotted a hummingbird
Flickering over its shoulder
It couldn't think of an animal
Sweeter or bolder
For once falcons' thoughts
Joyful surprise
Instead of its usual
Swarm of flies


Regurgitating a meal
That sat too dead to last
Falcon saw
Flashes of his past
Before the mountain bleachers
Stood and waved
And before his sight
Across the skyways were paved
With all that he would need
To survive
A moment once dense
Now flees to the light
And extracts its tubular knives
His vision no longer clouded
By memories of splitting
A swollen fence
When his wings were overcrowded


Buzzards hover over a warm spot
A rabbits carcass curves around
Where his heart is not
The rest shall be entrails
À la carte
The falcon blinks once
Simply by witnessing
He's played his part
And never ventures beyond his pride
Or beneath his eye line
Buzzards can keep limp rabbits
Falcon must feed falcon habits
Or face shadows in the night time


Wolf in the moonlight
Quiet and still
guarding the rays that fall
in a nest
high above the streams
the falcon
keeps steady watch
and telegraphs
its dreams



A falcon a pigeon projected
After tangy berries had its neurons affected
Whistle gasp and spit!
And right after that: WOW real pigeon shit!

And finally: Men who have doubts, shouldn't wear white pants.

MILANO 24th JUNE 2005