Thursday, May 07, 1998

Thank you all very much for being so loving and supportive.

I have come to realize as my understanding of these matters deepen, that a great portion of your collective energy is what has been helping me sustain my dedication to my purpose. As a magician, which all musicians are, I understand what a blessed privilege it is to reflect your magic back to you , so that we may experience the emotions that belong to us process through them and realize that we are precious, that we are gold, that we are god. That is why I am here, to remind you that you are the bomb.

Terence Trent D’Arby/Sananda to answer some questions:

To my understanding we are dedicated to going to the next level as a live band. We are like a family and I consider them a precious commodity.

The album will entitled “Terence Trent D’Arby’s Solar Return”. As with my other album titles, it preceeded the beginning of the recording by a couple of years.

It will be released on Glen Ballard’s Java label via Capitol where so many of my heroes left some magic. I bare no animosity to Sony, who, after all gave me the opportunity to communicate to all of you. I am really excited about releasing “Solar Return” and communing with you live.

The answer to your next question:

I took the name Sananda, which I will not use professionally for awhile yet, however, my friends and fellow servants reply to me as that.

It was suggested that I take the name Sananda in a series of dreams . I resisted at first, which is usually our first reaction to change; but once I surrendered, however, I noticed how very familiar it felt; now, Sananda is much closer to who I really am and Terence Trent D’Arby is the vehicle through which Sananda will let his light shine.

I don’t know what Sananda means and I have not allowed myself to find out. I accepted it on faith, but I know it’s positive and I know it’s good. In conclusion, I would like to finish by saying I consider it a tremendous blessing to be on the planet Earth at the same time as all of you.

Love, grace and tolerance, 
May 7, 1998