On new year's day myself and Francesca went to a performance of Beethoven's 9th symphony here in Milano. It was exquisite being surrounded by beauty and those fat wide orchestral colours. 
What once rocked shall always rock and Beethoven rocks!
My only disappointment was the lack of merch, I really wanted a Beethoven T-shirt!


Much of what we call Love is all in the mind, an intoxication of the senses that for a spell magnifies all good and desensitives all bad.
The reality of love is different, once the initial spell wears off, it requires willingness, maturity and work. Once it gets into the heart the egos time as Oz is up.


If egos time as Oz is up 
I will not piss into a cup
For work or play 
If I can't flush 
Unless much closer 
To the underbrush.


It is humbling as a man to arrive at the consideration that your woman is not required to be the sum total of all women, that all she has to be is who she is and your life will be profoundly moved.
These are the thoughts that men have whilst boys are still waiting for their women to transform into something she is not and ignoring the Grace that she is. 


All of life is the voice of God in praise
Praise it back and more life will come to you!


Whether I have a degree in medicine or not 'BIPOLAR DISORDER' is NOT a disease, 
but a symptom of an awakening conscience.
Compassion is the best medicine. 


When the 'Kundilini' begins to stir within a person (especially men) it can provoke the reaction we call 'BIPOLAR DISORDER' 
(which is in essence a necessary psychological detoxification process, in other words releasing a lot of backed up mental crap). 
This is usually followed by a crisis of conscience. 
With guidance and kind medicines the experience is integrated and represents a shift into a new state of awareness and a deeper compassion for self.
If someone in your family is working with this opportunity, love them for they are cleansing a great deal of old ancestral pain and you benefit too.


Increasing awareness 
Increases power 
Which is why the poor 
Are kept dumb 


A woman is never not a mother to a man 
For one she sees a man she recognizes 
As her baby, it is still up to her to raise him
From a boy into a man worthy of a good woman's Love.


As long as a man is not ready he will go looking for opportunity but once a man come ready opportunity comes looking for him.


The body tends to overheat 
when we do not breathe enough.
So breathe more and chill out !


As long as a man believes that settling down means settling for less he will hold subconcious resentment against women.
If he can come to see and trust that accepting love means MORE love he will see his woman not as a closed door but as an open one.


For the Buddha 
There is no
Space and time
There is just


A man's longest journey is the shortest physical distance, the journey from the head to the heart.


Outlaws themselves serve the law, when the law has lost touch with the needs of the people.


Did you just see that too??? COOL!!!


The pancreas is a key in the treatment of 'BIPOLAR DISORDER'.


It is clear to me from my life long observation of him that the life of master Muhammed Alì has been a demonstration of the life of a Buddha. 
He has borne the pains and arrows of a giant and demonstrated clearly both the will of a true warrior and the heart of a God. 
In his current state of Grace instead of complaining or displaying bitterness he still does all that he can to lift others spirits and bring a smile to the heart.
He is a credit to the muslim faith and to all who claim him most of all he is a credit to our humanity and it has been a priviledge to witness an angel of God being that. 


is not a Robin-Hood fairy tale, nor is it another euphemism for shaking down the rich. 
Redistribution of wealth is simply taking the money we already spend to improve what we already have. This does not require more dollars, it requires more sense, common sense and compassion.


Put another way (to illustrate a point) the same money we spend already on state of the art security systems for our homes could just as easily be cut in half with the other half going to community improvement services to improve the quality of life of those we fear will violate our state of the art security systems. This is also good karma, the sowing of good seeds.


Film makers nor rappers can be held entirely responsible for expressing in their work the violence and lack of respect for life already in our own hearts. They also serve by reminding us how much work there is to be done, but we can do it, what else are we here for? 


Not because I count my money 
but because I count my blessings 
everyday and always seem to 
come out in the black.


A fundamental key to wealth is the willingness to feel the wealth already within you.
Abundance will naturally follow a man who feels abundantly blessed and is grateful for what he has already.


To become a favoured son or daughter of Heaven is simple just let Heaven see you commit to doing all that you can in your way to lift your family name up and keep its vibe tight and you will see your power to command heaven's attention and you shall receive all that you require to wrap a yellow ribbon around your family tree.


A good woman is to a man (or whatever your preference or persuasion) as a good solid drummer is to a bass player. If her rhythm is tight, you can just lay back in the cut like J.J. and let the good times roll! 


Finalmente! Thanks and blessings to Bobby Womack for being a bridge (and a great one) and keeping the vibe alive.
More to come for you.. likewise the same to Dwight Yoakum!