My dearest buffins and poffins 
(and all my sweet Carusos!)
A special salutation to my Lunar and Indigo offspring (your emergence in our time of crisis warms my heart, for what else is crises if not a wake-up call for heroes?)

Before I begin a note for 'Cleared' Remote Viewers: do not be alarmed, 
My coordinates have changed, things will get much clearer for you shortly.
Certainly do not lose faith in your abilities, 
I'll be seeing you around soon.

A last note for our cryptics in the Virginia Area:

The poet looked at you 
And scribbled down some words
He batted up some rhymes
A base hit down the middle

I looked into the lions mouth 
Are all my eggheads going south?
Pirates in water are sharks when on land 
When dinosaurs walked the earth –
I ran 

Tigers don't growl much
Except when they're bored
Or unless attempting to tackle 
The jungle lord 
Whose face tigers never see
But who still hands out their stripes 


For the rest of you with spare time – 
'Ego' functions out of pity 


A man with no self pity does not function out of ego, but out of will.


Feed a man's pleasure and you create a rainbow 
Judge it and you create a shadow 
And another chamber for your own pent up secret 


It's not true that you can't take it with you, 
You can take love with you 
And the exchange rate is always favourable
Wherever you go in the hereafter 


Being willing to serve others in the capacity that moves you most
Is the best way to discharge negative karma and increasing 
Your storehouse of good karma.
To serve others in joy is to serve ones own good fortune.


To begrudgingly give 
is not to give 
but to steal 
a little thunder 
from the process itself 
Give in joy, 
Or wait. 


The point is not to avoid materialism, 
that misses the point of the exercise.
The point is to take the material that you are given and work with it, 
And find the balance for yourself.


A man, a woman, a beast is blessed beyond compare if their goal in life
Is simply to love and to be loved. 
Nothing commands heaven's attention more
Nor stokes the fires of its Grace more movingly.
This reconnects a man's roots to the tree of Life.


The shortcut to spiritual enlightement is through emotional fulfillment.
Without it, spiritual enlightement ain't worth the scroll its written on.


The mind does not deteriorate, 
hope deteriorates 
and it takes the mind and heart 
with it in its fall from Grace.


You are not losing your mind 
you are losing your last idea of your mind. 
Let it go and pray. 


The way you know your mind is expanding 
Is if it seems that you are losing your grip on it
'ego' is small, 'mind' is big.
surrender to the vastness of 'mind'.


'ego' is a fishing boat on the water 
'mind' is the mothership!


you can never lose any time or energy 
when you invest either in service to love
you can only gain and like wine
become a comfort to the senses of others 


the less we have 
the less we take for granted


the sin we are most guilty of is seeing ourselves in a lesser light 
and because we see ourselves in a lesser light
we stumble about in the dark a lot 


Temporary superficial happiness is still better than no happiness at all.
There is no earthly reason why you cannot simultaneously work on securing
Long term happiness whilst supplementing the experience with whatever 
Superficial joys offer themselves along the way. 
This is but the essence of the middle way 
Balancing work with play.


The reason that it seems 
like an endless road to Grace 
Is that Grace always leads 


It is humbling in the final analysis 
to realize that most women 
did not want me, they just wanted my attention.


A shorter attention span 
correlates to a weaker will 
Lengthen your attention span 
and you strenghten your will


There are two laws that we as man are subject to: 
The law of nature and 
The law of Grace.
The law of nature is the way of most and has its own 
Attendent blessings as well as crosses 
The law of Grace however is an active energy field 
And burns according to its own fire and consumes
And retranslates all that does not proclaim
The law of nature as the final word.


In that this matter 
Does bend my mind 
Like a joint
I have ceased
In being a man
And have instead
Become a point.


It is better to let go 
of your expectations 
Than to lower them 


Never anticipate skeptics 
You become one in the process


All of our earthly pains, 
even the self inflicted ones 
Are still to Heaven but growing pains
Be of good cheer 
Your joy is very near!


I learned the hard way that if you try to listen 
to too many people.
You lose whatever it was that made them want to listen to you in the first place.
All visionaries are of necessity open minded but deaf.


If you believe that you must 'sell out' in order to succeed then you are placing more value on the system than belief in yourself and you can only be a slave to anything you believe in more than yourself.


Kudos to the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' for having made a really cool record! 
Also Kudos to 'Audioslave' and to 'Lauryn Hill' for her last project 


A man can live in less fear if he comes to see that misfortune
Is not a curse but rather purification in preparation for the next 


The more you try to run away from home, the more you never leave.


When you arrive at the place where you realize 
That you require other men not to be providers 
For your cause but instead witnesses to the
Effect of Grace, then you are far richer in abundance
And power than another man could ever give to you.
A man who knows this will not need to beg for Grace
And favour, Grace and Favour will beg for his attention!


is the inevitable result of investing your life force in what neither nourishes nor fulfills it. 
It's functional depression and you deserve better, have at it!


advice is like fruit: 
take what is ripe now
and leave the rest 
for it is either rotten
or not yet ready to be plucked.


there can be no freaks of nature for nature does not bring forth freaks, only variations.


Take this to heart:
Your enemies are always among your Greatest admirers 
Otherwise they wouldn't be so moved to oppose you. 
Take this as your position and you will then see your
Enemies in a new light, not as destroyers but as supporters
Of your strengthening process.


Americans are fickle because their economy and its take no prisoners lack of compassion for the greater social welfare leaves it frightened and when people are frightened they do not have too long an attention span for anything except survival.
They deserve better!


I am very grateful that those annoying Sony years are over for me.
What they were holding against me was ludicrous 
For what bull do you know that would deliberately walk into his own castration? 


If breaking up is hard to do 
Coming together is even harder!



Asterisk explained for SRR-636*
* No record executives were hurt or experimented upon during the making of this record.
We find this to be a more humane approach.