I dream you for you are part of the fabric of myself and this is what I've heard you say :

We are waiting ! Overall (if graded on a curve) we are restless and very very tired.
We are asked to continually invest in too much that does not empower us but seems to increase the leverage of the very few over the very many and we have grown frustrated and hopeless.

We are made to feel as if even the sound of our true voice jeapordizes what little we are granted and the high price we pay even for that and this builds a great dissatisfaction and distrust of our institutions which proclaim that they are set up to serve us but seem more set up to reserve us and serve themselves.

We are tired of being cannibalized. 
Subconsciously (in subspace) we are tired of being manipulated into prejudiced viewpoints which once again serve only the plans of the very few for in our hearts we are eager to share our dreams not scare our dreams, to share our hearts not scare our hearts. We are tired of yet being asked to fear someone else because they look different, instead of being fascinated by it, which in reality (if given a chance and encouragement) we are .

What a man wears on his head is between him and his scalp. 
Yet we are caught up in a powerful and seductive current which is designed to manipulate all that we hold sacred and instead given what we are told is supposed to be sacred to us, in order to be more easily driven like cattle into an early slaughter producing more and more despair.

We can feel (at least in subspace) that we are all but slaves to a system, a world that pays lip service to freedom even as it seduces more and more away from us seemingly always to fight an enemy created for that very purpose.

We are aware deep within ourselves that it is a trap, a trick of shadows and fog and that somewhere along the way while we were sleeping something went horribly wrong and that most world events are staged in order to maintain a hold over our attention, lest we begin to manifest signs of awareness within our hearts and minds and behave like true citizens, caring for ourselves and the values of our community more than for our slave drivers bank accounts and market share. 

This all feels as if the cart has been placed ahead of the horse and explains why the horse is stuck and feels as if he has no room to run. This is all beneath the will of God's grace for us and we are profoundly tired of this bullshit and these mockeries of our graces.

The great majority of us are not evil (regardless of which religion we subscribe to) or prejudiced by nature but by nurture. 
It is the oldest con game in the book of tricks and we keep falling for it every time and even grow mad with ourselves for continuing to be suckered by these few clowns who are far more afraid of us then we have been groomed to be of them.

We were promised peace on earth and by God's grace and our restored faith in ourselves and the sovereign sacred right of the individual, by hook and less crooks we shall have it or there will be armageddon and there goes all neighborhoods.

Your eternal friend

Sananda Maitreya