Greetings to all of you this day,

I give out the blessing of my love and peace to anyone who could use a little extra whilst their own is replenishing itself.
Thank you copiously for this past years Grace which you extended towards me and my humble enterprise. 
We are prospering, the tour is going well and orders for ‘Wild Card – The Jokers’ Edition’ is fuelling great excitement. 
All of that old ‘record company trauma’ is a thing of the past and I am deeply obliged to the Angels of Patience for babysitting me through the exercise, I am also deeply obliged to you.
All praises be to the name of your God and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Your astronaut of inner Space 
Sananda Maitreya 
Ps I hope you enjoy the free music as much as I enjoy now being in the position to free it up! 
Expect more writings and music in the future: you deserve it, after all you are why I am here!

25 DECEMBER 2002 * 
* or 25 december 1995 if you are still hip to the lunar calendar!