Greetings to all of my biscuits and Basquaits and of course baptistes are welcome also!
(just mop up your water when you leave!)


Stonehenge was a temple of Atlantis and therefore a relic of that time.
It was an initiation centre for new adepts. It still remains so. 

Our 'sins' are our illusions.

Great secrets are always hidden in plain view!
(though the good townspeople of Plainview New Jersey might appreciate a warning before being overtaken by seekers and daytrippers)

Congrats to Apple for buying the inventory off of the pirates at Universal Music. 
Let us hope that they replace the geeks with real freaks and let them calibrate 
the machine. There are a few business savvy freaks of musical persuasion still 
in the industry though few and far between, and though hanging on by their 
fingertips on the ledge of an industry more intent on braindraining than soulraising.
Jeff Ayeroff comes to mind and would be a great person to run their operation and 
to ensure that some kickass music crept back into the situation.

When you are just going through the motions, your effort cannot be blessed.
Do a thing with your whole self or leave it alone. The more self you put into 
your effort, the more self you discover in the process.

Effort is the gift that keeps on giving, strive and you will live more fully.

A good woman's love protects a man from himself!

They are blessed who have confidence in their senses.

My pain is my fortune 

We inherit the self we've invested in 

Without the darkness, the sun would have no backdrop for its Grace.
Do not curse the darkness, just look for the light.

The further away you are from your authenticity, 
the more difficult it will be to be heard.

Lies scream for your attention, the truth does not have to 
You will always find it when you are ready 

For star-trekkians, Lembeckians and SRR-636*ians,

There are only 7 planets. The outer 3 are light ships. 
Each representing the sponsoring civilizations that have 
the most vested interest in our ant farm. Uranus is 
the cover for the ARCTURIANS, who contributed 
DNA and other goodies to our genetic matrix, as did
the PLEIDEANS represented in our archetypal memory
by Pluto, and where Africans and by extension all life 
stems from the SIRIAN star system who pose under 
the guise of Neptune and is infact our guiding star.
Closer investigation of ancient texts and heiroglyphics 
will confirm this. Whether this is fact or fiction is entirely
up to you.

…..closer study of the myths of these 3 outer planets shall reveal 
the trinity of influences they have had in shaping our psyche and by 
extension our world. All 3 are essence in microcosm as myth and thumbnail
sketches of immense civilizations and the impressions they left scattered 
as culture, each raising a model as its testament to the world, and its belief 
in the inherent goodness of man despite himself. 
ATLANTIS was a Pleidean diagram transported to earth.
Neptune sponsored the great civilizations of MU ( which included LEMURIA and 
Egypt ), and the GRECO-ROMAN model carried the seal of the Arcturians.

Be assured, Jules Verne was not just a visionary but a prophet 
We used to live on the inside of the planet (which is actually 
how most planets are inhabited) until a great cataclysm rendered 
away a great portion of the earth, which travels with us now as the 
moon. The other side of the moon has a space which would fit perfectly
into the Grand Canyon and that whole area, including Sedona – Arizona,
is connected to the moon and feels its pulse dramatically.
Because the moon is the same relative magnetic weight of the lover it was
torn apart from, it never turns its back on us but remains in tandem with our

DNA testing of BEETHOVEN's remains (there is a piece of his hair making the academic rounds) would reveal that this prometheus of music
was more than the son of a Moor. Were he alive today and living in Louisiana, he 
would be viewed upon as a mixed raced black man or a cajun.

Were each organs of espression for the 3 outer archetypes as planets.
Beethoven was a vehicle directly linked in to Sirian harmonics and his music
in code and dynamic explains in condensed shorthand the nature of the neptunian
spirit and its sponsor. Mozart was a Uranian instrument calibrated to their high arching 
nodes and Bach was spilling over from Pluto's cup which receives its brew from the pleides, the land of the 7 sisters ! (and I know at least 7 brothers who can't wait to get there!)

The Irish, like other Celts carry with them a lot of the magic of old egypt.
It largely explains their magic and their faith. They are one of my favourite 
tribes of earth.

As long as we love, we live on!

A shout out of respects from Me and Francesca to the 'trickster',
David Copperfield!

Best of luck to Skin, who owns her copyright! Support it on the just because!

The fault line in California also implies a dimensional overlap in energy fields or 
a literal holographic crossroads. This allows for dimensional bleedthrough and 
interlocking time doors and explains as well to a degree why so much phenomena
is reported yet ignored in the areas around it and connected to it on the magnetic grid 
of earth. It also explains why our defense industry heavily monitors the area. The fault line in California is very much connected to the cataclysm which tore the moon from our embrace. The asteroid belt are pieces of our earth, ourselves, scattered like blown leaves,
but clinging to the memory of the tree they came from. Many of our myths and legends
store this information as emotional memory.

Kudos to Meshelle Ndege O'Cello for her sound track to the film 
'Disappearing acts'. Meshelle is a bad bad girl!