Thursday, July 23, 1998

Greetings my delectable brothers and sisters orbiting throughout this particular space and time, 
I wish to remind you of a small sampling of things to wit:

a/ you are amazing 
b/ you are divine 
c/ you are also the Divine 
d/ you are connected, therefore, to everything, everywhere in all places, in all times. It is only an illusion that we are not, which is based on the fear that we are separate from spirit. Needless to say we are not. The Creator is its creation. We collectively praise and place above ourselves that of which we are. Take it down off the pedestal and be at one with it, and look at it at eye level, at heart level, it is but your mirror. Whatever name you give to it, it still shares a name with you. Therefore, my beautiful and peaceful barometers of lightforce, to truly love God is to truly love yourself and our only sins are when we judge ourselves and therefore others and when we do not believe in our worthiness for how can we be unworthy of the very thing that we are?

e/ see 
d/ love

Your brother and lover, 
Terence Trent D’Arby/Sananda!

Ps. I was shown the Cybersteryo website by Madam Christine the Java Queen. I was flattered and honored *thank you most sincerely* you will be pleased to know that I feel quite confident that the record will be every bit as good as your site *.

Pps. See d/***