Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters, 

I am taking this opportunity to remind you of a few of your birthrights and to encourage you to continue realizing the necessity of trusting entrinsically the absolute unimpeachable beauty of who you are, and to encourage you to continue to reserve the right to think for yourselves. 
Our socalized minds have been conditioned to pace in the cold unfurnished dungons of doubt. Many of you are constantly calling into question the validity of who you are and because of this, among other issues and illusions, we are very easy to control. But, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, the real revolution does not require one finger to be lifted, it only requires the veil to be lifted, it merely requires that you be willing to take back your own power and stop giving it away.

Each of you were born to realize that you are perfect, that you are blessed, just as you know, that it is only your conditioned judgements that allow you to believe otherwise.

Perfection is an illusion, it is a mindtrap; you are the creators, the father/mothers reagardless of whether you believe you do or not. You need not be perfect just aim to be pure, purly what and who you really truly are – another divine twist of creative individualistic expression. After all, if you are a mortal, which you are, what more proof could you desire of your ultimate worth. 
Your lover, friend, and peer Sananda reminds you that what you most desire is what you most deserve.

The entire Universe is but a canvas that longingly and willingly yeilds to your imagination. All history is but the backstory for your own unique drama. Myself and the countless billions are but supporting actors in your play. Continue to write and direct the unique script that you, in your ultimate nature, have devised. And in the way that I can be, I am here for you, with all of the atoms in my ageless galactic heart I believe in you.

I see through you; beyond your self esteem issues, beyond your worthiness issues, beyond the smokescreen of conditioned shame, I see you twirling and dancing in your spectaclur bliss; I see you and I beam with pride, I see the line blur, between your illusion of yourself and God.ÊI see your enjoyment having broken free from subjective morality, I see you basking the noonday sun of the golden rule; I see your graduation past the temporal and controling illusions of race, and sex/gendre/orenatation/and basketball team.

Beloved brothers and sisters, to whom it may concern, you are not fucked up, you believe that you are fucked up, and that is your issue. 
To paraphrase our friend and peer Walt Whitman, 
"Whoever you are come forth out from behind the screen out of the dark confinement!" 
Your brother and servant TTD/Sananda emplores you to begin more faithfully loving yourselves, to embrace more completely all of who you are and not just the parts we have deemed more worthy.

No aspect of yourself can truly be free unless all of you is free. Committ this moment to the powerful entoxicant of self forgiveness and be willing to forgive others as you forgive yourself. Call home the prodigal son of your shadow nature – it has waited all these years in the shade for a tender embrace.

Sincerely and passionately, 
Your friend and servant Sananda 
16 June 1998