Greetings mutants,

The Cloud Factory

Clouds get lazy in Switzerland, I've seen it. They don't fly by like in the low lands, they take breaks often, catching up with old friends, creating new gossip and dawdling as if they're paid by the hour. The rain they later bring is a gift from the piece of heaven they gathered around.

When I need to clear the pistons in my brain, and blow the carburettor open, away from the city's doubtful and negotiated air, I go into the cloud factory where the mountain goats, the cows and their attendant fairies have first grab at the spongy ether. Clouds form in these hills that break off into dance steps after having rubbed bellies with goddesses in cotton form, stretched out like heaven's whores who drop into the rain when they realize that their last lover will never again return as Agamemnon, though perhaps next as Menelaus.

The longer time unspools, the more convinced I am that the batman TV series from the '60s was pure genius. Those shows are still immensely watchable and in its own way a precursor to today's WWF wrestling extravaganzas. Adam West is a demi-God to me.

Lola Falana, where are you? We miss you!

I can see it sitting on the shelves now: George W Bush's D-Cider! 
Apple cider with thrust! Includes Guarana extract and cinnamon! 
"I'm the decider and you get to drink it"!

You cannot ask for power or respect and be taken seriously. You can only take power and if you cannot take it, it isn't yours ………yet.

The reason Batman has always appealed to me more than Superman, (as they are both but archetypes outlining the broad truth of the we ourselves) is because Batman was more human and dark. Superman is the us we'd like the other world members to see us as, our image, whereas Batman is our truth; all conflict and brooding rage. He is more complex thus more engaging and interesting. Superman is another of our archetypes representing our understanding of the Christ energy. Batman seems to evoke the resurrection and redemption of Lucifer come back to good form, processing through his karmic issues as he continues on with the work that must be done. It requires Superhuman efforts these days to remind us of the super-powers within our own consciousness. Dark is the raw data of light waiting to be used and transformed. Superman of Steel took to the air, while Batman was grounded and had to use all of his wits in the fields of stone to carry out his sacrifices. Besides, would you rather spend your last night in the boudoir of the virginal and chaste Lois Lane or the sexy and eternal dominatrix Cat woman?

Who isn't trying to sing like Whitney Houston is lying. All singers today are either directly influenced by her or by someone else influenced by her. She is our times Aretha and Barbra Streisand. First they kill the original ( the American way), then the avalanche of clones to replace and undercut them. While convincing the original that in order to get back into the game they must now follow their own followers. Huh?

One must know the world before one can help the world.

The hardest thing for many of you to accept is that good things belong to you as well. Good things are not judgemental or prejudiced, people are and only because they do not believe that they deserve the best nor are willing to do the acceptance work in receiving it. Good things belong to you as much as to Rockefeller, Rockefellers just don't have a problem believing. 
This is different from having a sense of entitlement, which often accompanied by the wrong attitude leaves one feeling nothing but stranded. There are those of the nature who would sit in the shade of a money tree and still wait for the money to fall, instead of grabbing their own portion from the tree and moving on.

I have been asked by more than a few of you when I shall return to the record business and my honest answer is: "When King returns to Memphis, When Kennedy returns to Dallas".

I would like to again extend to the French my hand of fellowship and deep appreciation for their embrace of "Angels & Vampires". No doubt I will see you soon and we'll have more to say to one another. A big kiss to you and some major mojo français for the year to come!

Also a very big thank you to the Croatians for blowing up "South Side Run":
Viva le cose croate!

Do we really need to conquer tourettes? Might these people not spice up the weather channel for instance? And honestly, wouldn't you rather see the White House's next press secretary be someone working with this exciting trait?

My heart goes out to Mel Gibson as I know as well, all too well, what it is like to be caught in the cross hairs of the Jews. It's painful and ruthless like a mofo and you are allowed to say anything except who's screwing you. If I were to say that I was attacked by an Arab or an African, or a white man, I could press charges. Simply for saying that I was attacked by someone Jewish, I get sued and called a racist. The system does seem geared towards the reality that if you are not a slave, you are automatically a suspect. Which let's face it, doesn't leave a whole lot of room for constructive engagement.

It is not unlike the industries of both music and film to kill the messenger and then adopt the message, making money like a mofo. This is also the way of religion, to kill the prophet and then use them as mascots and fund raisers.

It is good to see the great Jac Holzmann involved again in the US music industry. There are so very few ears left in the gallery of fools who have run the ship aground.

For sure the economy has shifted and so have the planets, it is obscene at this point in time to spend the price of a home to make a record. I repeat: it doesn't take a lot of money to make great music. It takes a lot of money to make mediocre music that sounds like every one else's mediocrity. The key is atmosphere and complete confidence in the material. The better the idea, the less it needs to convince.

We cannot find more happiness than the happiness we make for ourselves.

If you are HIV positive, don't curse God, curse death instead. All that HIV positive means is that it is now positively certain that you will appreciate each day as were it your last. Man's death sentence is heaven's gift to your consciousness, the gift of life. It blesses you to appreciate a perpetual spring, to see life the only way life can truly be seen, which is moment to moment and one day at a time. HIV is not a curse unless you choose to see it as such, for in its own way it's the kiss of life. You can approach your new life in sorrow and die in its shape or accept it as a new lease, a new discipline, a new joy, a deeper term of endearment.

Man's judgement is God's punishment for believing that man is your judge. 
Man is not, and to believe so becomes its own punishment.

To judge is to assume you KNOW, and those who KNOW cannot and do not judge.

I had a photographer friend when I lived in LA who told me that after in his early 30s he was given a six month term to live, decided to spend what was left of his income on the best most smokable herb he could find. When he told me this, he was already 10 years past his original death-sentence and looked better and younger than he ever had. When he decided to live his own life, he extended his own life. And life listened. He is still alive and kicking and it was a privilege to bear witness to his faith.

Upon realizing that you are time itself moving itself through space, you then accept that you have all the time in the world to realize yourself and its vast and constant unfolding.

Apparently every 1 in 5.5 Million men are born with 2 penises. In each known case at best one functions and the other not. I recently read that there is currently a man in India seeking an operation to remove one of his two FULLY FUNCTIONING WILLIES! Here is a man on earth with two fully operational penises! (capisci questa persona has two alert, animated johnsons!). Should you not here from this intrepid reporter for awhile, I'll be on sabbatical in India, trying to locate my new guru. Think about the great loss to both science and the porn industry were he successful in raising the funds for the operation!

…although since he is a brown man, you can bet that you would never see him in the new republican porn films. Which bars their women from being long-stroked by anyone darker than Brad Pitt. Remember the good old days when republicans actively campaigned against porn? What happened? The money…

Man, what I could have done with an extra penis in my single years…

I have come to consider that the main problem with the current Bush-Cheney administration is that they have no dancing girls. Huge mistake, yet one that can be rectified before too late. Presidential dancing girls, think about it!

This war is weak and its rationale bullshit, but our soldiers are not. War is hell and these young man and women dance with the barking Cerberus every day. Assassins without cause, victims of our greed and lack of willingness to sacrifice. We have not been asked to sacrifice as that would cut into the profits made by the war profiteers. We could bite the bullet but why if someone else's child is willing to take a bullet for us? By the way and with all due respect to their right to make money, am I the only one who finds it an outrageous breach of trust that the President's father is involved heavily in the international arms trade? This is not even unavailable information. So next time our president is asked by toothless, mewling reporters when will we pull out of Iraq, were he honest he would say: "when daddy and Dicky say we've made back all of our financial projections and after we've armed, then reconstructed the whole damn world". Ex-prime minister of Britain, John Major, is also involved, among other world leaders in the exploitation of war for immediate financial gain. We run around the world lecturing others while our former president and his cronies blatantly profit from all wars and skirmishes. What the hell has happened to our sense of shame?

The two gentlemen which shall accompany me as my live consorts in sound are on drums: Nik "The Sticks" Taccori and on bass Enea "Il Contadino" Bardi. Collectively they shall be known as "The Nudge Nudge ®" as in: " Sananda and the Nudge Nudge ® " (wink-wink !). Time will announce when we are ready to begin the next phase of "The Introduction of Post Millennium Rock" !

Truth is truth, yet is not always the greater law. The greater law is wisdom, which sometimes abides in truth and sometimes avoids it like bad weather. To wisdom, that which is most appropriate according to the days needs is all the truth that concerns it.

All gifts are expressions of beauty and have their origin in Creators love for his humanity. It is for sure that our humanity is both our greatest gift and greatest challenge. This is the purpose of the other gifts, to remind us that despite our identification with our pain and struggle, beauty and its laws yet surround us, inviting us to its form at any time.

Were women easier, we men would be softer and this softness would add to the peace of the world.

Were men given less crap about being men, women would find more joy in being themselves.

It is good to see the redoubtable Maestro Bob Seger and his amazing voice and songs back in the game. Age is entirely irrelevant to real Rock. It is only relevant to corporate spandex rock and who really cares about that?

It seems that the most controversial thing you can do now, is to tell the truth in a Christian nation. Though I was vociferously raised to tell the truth, one couldn't help but notice how often one got beaten for doing so.

Osama Bin Laden always seems to pop up when the republican right wing and the game that they are running on our rights are down enough in the polls. Kind of makes you wonder….

I knew that religion wasn't really my bag after asking a minister once at the age of 14 whether or not Jesus had a penis and getting bear slapped like a criminal. After that, I counted the days and haven't looked back since. (Although I am still looking for that minister). As for Heaven, imagine spending eternity with people who would beat you for asking if by chance their lord was also a man.

Not colour but calibre.

The great Ronnie Isley could sing a suicide jumper down from a building.

Question: do you think Gargoyles ever use mouth wash?

WATCH THIS SPACE (in case it tries to get away)

Good wine makes better listeners.

Despite the fact that we Americans (of the home of the brave, land of the free variety) are not allowed to say anything positive about Fidel Castro, lest we be branded traitors or something syphilitic, he is a hero to me. Not for his politics of which we are only given the smear version, but because he is a man and has stood up to the biggest bully in the playground of the western hemisphere. What you get when you do not have a real man willing to stand up to our form of tyranny is Haiti, which is as sorrowful an example as you can find of a nation deprived of its soul, and beaten down to its nub.

….and sure enough two days after writing my suspicions concerning Osama Bin Laden, he is all over the front pages (never page two) of the papers, just when the fear mongerers could use another boost in their polls/pols. This is so transparent as to be visible to all but the most wilfully blind. These gentlemen who bully, intimidate and browbeat all contention from the democratic process have done nothing but use the highest office in the world (on behalf of their sponsors) to rape, plunder and pillage what bandages remain on the corpse of our ailing collective culture. We are now being overrun and overruled by men no better than Visigoths, who raise their hand in mock allegiance to God while bringing a knife down into his chest with their pimp-hand. They have given nothing tangible to our country but greater fear, loss and confusion while strip mining it of fibre, character and substance, as well as all debate. To maintain confusion is their only way of maintaining power. Osama is a businessman period, like our administration of blood thirsty, hound heavy war profiteers; who will cynically sacrifice anyone or thing upon the fire in order to sustain it. Now if we can just get rid of those rigged voting machines perhaps we can with the help of God rid ourselves of this menace which seeks to control more and more of our lives, mocking spitting and hissing at whatever of our precious freedoms still remain.

Fear is political capitol to war profiteers and their well paid apologists.

Sometimes one has to cut back the branches in order to spare the root.

Congrats to Maestri Dolly Parton and Smokey Robinson for their upcoming Kennedy Center Honours. Both were incredibly sweet to me in my last form and their kindness will never be forgotten.

You'll excuse that sometimes my use of syntax and proper vocabularial etiquette is ill equipped to compete with those who have received a much better education than I. I am largely self-educated and for sure there are holes in my comprehension. But so what, I have assumed years ago poetic licence and use it as accordingly. My point is to provoke whatever of your thought process produces light and insight.

Bravo to the Pope, for calling the allies to task for using religion and faith as justification for this war profiteer led assault on brown skinned people and their resources.

I love it when people suggest that entertainers should shut up about politics. Who shall we leave the discussion to, those who are NOT discussing it already? When they can promise to make the bomb that flattens everyone else's property but ours, leaving our stuff intact, then perhaps that's enough incentive to remain docile, a neutered Americano, a painted rag doll in pleated pants. In the meantime the same gas that will choke your lungs will choke mine and if you don't speak up, we have to.

Ps STAY TUNED! The next few days (as Creator wills) brings fresh compost.