Greetings Earthlings, I present to you, BAUDELAIRE’S DILEMNA: “I say VERLAINE dear boy, what shall we do tonight, PUBLISH OR PARIS?”

…But of course, the Madame Stone was only saying what many conscious people have already thought amongst themselves. What we believe Sharon was saying (since she herself would know the power of meditation to move life) is that, was it wise to continue verbally assaulting and harassing one of the world’s most dedicated monks, a man attuned to a tradition of meditation/prayer extending back at least since the feudal ages, and childishly call the man all types of canine breeds and to suggest him to be a person devoid of Humanity, a ‘beast’ and what not, AND EXPECT THERE TO BE NO KARMIC RAMIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER? Now, it is possible, says this cynic, that the Chinese themselves manipulated the event to steal the discussion back away from him and to cover themselves in sympathy, as these upcoming Olympics mean a lot to their new IMAGE BUILDING efforts. It has indeed been a long way since Confucius……..

Imagine someone calling out the Pope, calling him other species of life, we’d be outraged, religious or not. What the Chinese are proving is how scary and essentially undemocratic their notion of life is. They treat all the rest of us like niggers, regardless of tribal affiliation, and their sense of superiority seems to me (and always has), top heavy and based on a deep sense of insecurity. They have historically, always been bullies, THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A FIST HEAVY PEOPLE, which is why the foreign policy of the Anglo’s has usually been right in trying to deduce the amount of worldwide leverage they‘d otherwise attain. They have always gone out of their way to demonise others (and with glee concerning dark skinned people’s) which befits a nation of people too big in their own minds to consider God. (There is no GOD in CHINA, there is only CHINA, China, China, China). As a boycott, I am giving up sleeping with Chinese film stars. (OK, so it’s an easy sacrifice, But you gotta start somewhere). I think that we should take them, and take them NOW! Since their colonization of Africa (which the Anglo’s are always willing to sell off at a good price, they too are responsible), Africa has gone from bad to genocide. Btw, HOW COME THE JEWS NEVER SEEM TO SPEAK UP FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S GENOCIDE? Can there be such a sickness as GENOCIDAL ENVY? The Chinese are now on a young soul cycle, and it shows. If matters do not shift shortly, most of you now bagging Presidential candidates about FLAG LAPEL pins, will be bending over backwards trying to please their new Chinese masters, their new Chinese pay lords, and again ALL OF US NON-SINO’S ARE NIGS TO THEM! O yeah, WE MIGHT ALSO WANT TO TIGHTEN UP OUR SCENE WITH THE JAPANESE, in truth, they ain’t feeling the Chinese too good either, or for that matter, any tribe or territory anywhere near what the Chinese regard as their domain. These mother fuckers never pay me either, so to hell with them……….. 
Now where is that Thai food takeaway menu? 

It is good news to see Van Halen back, the original line-up. I straight out stole from David Lee Roth a couple of his early signature moves, including his vaunted leaping air split (which I’m not sure either one of us are eager to reclaim anytime soon). He is one of Rocks all time best ‘front men’, and I enjoyed the fun and ‘wink’ he had with ‘Diamond Dave’s outsized personality.


The violence in our minds is a result of the violence inflicted upon us, which like physical logic we repeat.

The economy will prove more stable with the Gold standard, so don’t be an idiot and give all of your gold away. Obviously, there are those who’d like to buy up all that would be sold, as it is anticipated that currency will undergo a transformation of value and intent. Instead of selling more of it, reverse and start buying . Then wear and enjoy!

Sometimes (this is not cynicism, this happens), underground nuclear testing, can backfire and produce earthquakes, especially if the ‘detonation’ occurred within a certain distance from ‘fault lines’ or ‘pressure points’. Sometimes it’s an ‘Oops’ type scenario, sometimes, it is deliberate. Since we are led by mass media to suspect this sort of speculation as wholly unfeasible, governments are able to get away with it. And am I the only one who suspects that after the rubble piles clear from Myanmar, and the people ‘relocated’, that the area they vacated will then magically fill up with luxury hotels and housing? Why else do we seem to favour so much governments run by military Generals? Perhaps because as warned by President Eisenhower years ago, himself a military devotee, we, America, are now totally in the hands of our own military-industrial complex. Who own and run us now hook, line and sinkerball. I am a fan of military, I too am a soldier. Still, Generals (generally), have no place in politics, and just generally fuck things up. Most of Latin America and it’s policy was handed over willy-nilly to the military decades ago, and is one of the reason why chaos visits these who will not so easily surrender to our will, and military coups are as common as the Catholics and protestants also being beaten down in fear. Most especially the Catholics, who are less amenable than the Protestants in using religion to justify terrorising a people. Having been raised a Protestant, I grew alarmed at how easily they seem to align themselves with the doctrine of their very oppressors. The Catholics have also therefore been persecuted, particularly in Africa and Latin America, for remaining true to the Gospels of their forerunners, whereas the Protestants always seemed a bit more like agents for the state, apologists for evil, confused.

Yes Virginia, I really am Catholic, although I’m not sure, the degree to which it may worry them……

Nuclear power is the next logical step. It can certainly help us to at least slowly remove Saudi Arabia’s penis from our mouth. Relatively speaking, it is cleaner and ‘greener’ and highly cost effective once systems and supporting networks are operational.

And nowhere is it written that Christianity cannot be controversial…..
Were not the Lord controversial, he’d still be alive……….

At least if a President Obama there one day be, perhaps then corporations will raise their quota’s to a 2 BLACK MINIMUM! (No, sorry, but we already have our One black employee/writer/dancer/singer/copywriter, come back perhaps next year!)

There is an Italian musician, primarily a Pianist, named CESARE PICCO.
Ostensibly called a ‘Jazz musician’ (and those are fighting words in some places), he has a sense of space, melody unique to itself and a rhythmic sense that at times reminds me of the great Master Monk, he of the Thelonius clan. Most guys are signed and promoted based on their ‘chops’ or the degree to which they can play vocabulary that you’ve already heard a thousand times already. An original, with their own language is not only overlooked most of the time, but sent to ‘Gitmo’ and flogged for not being derivative. AND WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PROBLEM SON, ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR THE OLD CHORDS? Young Maestro Picco deserves a space on your iPod for something original and exciting, as well as an example of a man making music that is his, neither mimicked or brazenly stolen. Cesare exists in is own space and grows from there. Bravo!
Likewise to the cause, and ‘protectionism’ being as big in the music industry as it be elsewhere, there is no pertinent reason why EROS RAMAZOTTI is not more circulated among the Italian American contingent. He translates and is a big part of music lovers lives from here to South America. these fools, why else are they here?

Of necessity, the future will involve a heck of a lot more of Mars. Irony abounds. Many of you arrived ancestrally from Mars, which was abandoned when it was destroyed by similar conditions being felt now. Once we finish destroying Earth, we can resume destroying stuff on Mars again until we grow up and learn successful PLANET HUSBANDRY. You wouldn’t actually need that much more there than you would here, despite official scientific propaganda, except perhaps a stronger sunscreen. Both Mars and Venus were inhabited by our ancestors!

….we just better hope first that we don’t arrive at ‘ENDTIME FOR ENZYMES‘!


Fools and the truth can usually be trusted. Which is why they are usually kept at distance fro the other. The fool who feared not to speak the truth was always (until recently), the most helpful and cherished advisor. They were otherwise known as Court Jesters.

Supercilious or Super silly? Your father thought HDTV was for the really hard of hearing! (Ok, groan if you will, but a groan is just an ingrown laugh!)

…..It was a joke bomb, it’ll go off in a second or so…….

True confessions: 2 of the biggest influences on me as a songwriter were a gentlemen named Bob Dorough, who was one of the main writers of the ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ series (and wrote and sung the incomparable ‘Lolly, Get your Adverbs Here’ among other gems of his still lodged in our collective generational brain), as well as a musician who I
believe was named ‘Vince Guaraldi’. He was the genius responsible for the theme from Charley Brown. ‘What Would You Like’, one of my latest offerings, is very much influenced by Master Guaraldi’s work. Our teachers are all around us, from birth, to re-birth. Just thought I’d share that .

…ok, I was once also a big Billy Joel fan, but you had to say it quietly or you’d get beat up….

Not all sparks of light are obliged to burn, with other sparks, someone else’s wood. For some, it is only to ‘Strike’, to ‘Light’, to ‘Flame’, to ‘Ash’ and then, to go. If not go out, then go on…..

If you can read this, tip a teacher.

What we eat, fuels our dreams.

Time feeds on memory.

The idea of ‘tipping’ teachers may in fact be a good way to ensure their survival, and the faith of their goodwill. We treat teachers like babysitters, then wonder why we get babies back from them in return. Bring teacher an apple? Bring her a check! and you can keep the worm.

This portion reserved for those interested in the relocation program to Mars..

A fish was having some trouble coughing, so went to see a specialist. The doctor reassured him that he had seen this sort of thing before, and not to worry. The fish asked; “Will I be alright doc?” The doctor replied; “Sure son, this is easy to fix, you just have a little water on the lungs“.

Beethoven for kidney related matters, Mozart for lung issues. For heavy heart related discord, trust in Bach.

All 3 of these masters affect the liver.

A Rhinoceros was experiencing splitting headaches, so went to see a specialist (in fact the same one that the fish went to see!). He was told that naturally he’d be experiencing headaches with that big bone (horn) sticking so far out of his head. After some ‘rhinoplasty’, the rhino had never felt fitter, or better.

Suction storage

That we believe that we can imagine God (both sides, for and against), is our greatest act of folly, our biggest act of hubris, for God in his immensity cannot be fully comprehended even by itself. Yet, that we think we can, is exactly why we are so far up the food chain.

Dogma is not to be confused with spirit. Dogma barks, spirit sings.

Bens Brother, Moby, Gnarls Barkley, Jupiter One, REM, Erykah Badu, Mick Hucknall: Some Love!

Great films grow over time not as a consequence of sentiment, but as a consequence of real organic growth. A film is a container of conscious energy, an energy which retains itself as ‘memory’. Since all memory is eternal intelligent matter, conjoined with celluloid, or any ‘filmic’ medium, it begins to take on a verified life of it’s own, seen and unseen. Since the emotions captured in a film are energy also, they too like wine mature and widen the film with time much as watercolours run and spread, leaving the tint of paler outlines, which shadows colour in. If a painting gains with age, naturally film, composed entirely of angles of light, would be eligible also. Films that I thought were dumb 10 years ago, now have a charm I dared not give them then. There are few acts of magic the equal of when a great film comes together.

‘feminists’ who lisp’ (on the next Oprah).

A Feminist Dichotomy: ‘Get this dick out of me!’

But especially a ‘feminist’, you must slap harder on that ass.

I had been wondering what had happened to one of my all-time favourites (singer/writer/musician), KD Lang. Turns out that she has soon a self produced (thank God) ‘radical’ country album due. I always look forward to her spin on our American songbook, including her own contributions. She is one of our greatest, most soulful singers (and we both share a love for Maestra Patsy Cline), and a survivor. She is also one of the most original and exciting artists to have emerged in the last 25 years. I wish her all of the best with her project. I’ve no doubt it will be the worthy of her singular genius. (And while genius isn’t nearly as common as one would like, neither is it as rare as pundits care to admit, it exists, though mostly in fearful states of rejection and denial, we are a nation of geniuses’, of originals, left of course to our own devices).

…I also like the intellectual musings of her famous relative, the clinical psychiatrist, RD Laing.
Ditto for her cousin, Artie Lange.

Which reminds me of an old joke I heard years ago. An elephant was in pain with a thorn lodged in it’s foot, and it couldn’t get to it. A mouse came by and asked what it could do for the elephant, and was told, that if it could remove the painful thorn, it could have anything from her that the mouse wanted. The mouse, cocksure, asked for permission to mount the elephant afterwards, and have it’s little wicked way. This greatly amused the elephant though it were still in pain, figured it couldn’t hurt anyway, and agreed. The mouse removed the thorn to the instant gratitude of the elephant. Having kept his end of the bargain, the excited mouse climbed fast up the back of the elephant, and began squeaking away, merrily oblivious to anything else happening around him. In a tree above the elephant were 2 monkey’s catching a glimpse of this amazing spectacle and it produced in them great laughter, so much so that the tree began shaking, in tandem with the mouse and his speeding rhythm. Soon a coconut falls from the shaking tree and hits the elephant square on the head, causing it to let out a huge trumpet blast from it’s startled trunk. “That’s right bitch, take it all”, said the mouse!

A penis was sitting next to a Pianist, and asked: “Hey, do you often get confused for me?” The Pianist replied; “Yeah, and I often get your messages!”

….OK, if any of my comedian buddies ‘pinches’ that from me, give a ‘nig’ a ‘shout’…….. Comedians, even the greatest are the BIGGEST THIEVES!
(So sayeth the guy who knows that pretty much all of entertainment is RECYCLED).

There is a man in the midst of Hollywood, a very successful young doctor who specializes in plastic surgery techniques, to reform and reshape a woman’s vagina, often back to their ‘original dimensions’. Apparently in LA.., this surgeon as well as the procedure in general are gaining fast currency. Women, are many of them apparently influenced by porn, and want to have their vision of the perfect ‘vegetable’ section. What is to me more lovely and ironic is that this leading doctor, is an African American man, which would certainly portend a shift in time and circumstance whereby in recorded memory, WOMEN NOW GO TO A BROTHER TO BE MADE SMALLER!

I nominate the song ‘Proud Mary’ as the unofficial American national anthem. ‘Creedence’ may have been our best American rock/r&b band ever.

The ‘diatribe’ is the only tribe that accepted me without reservations!
(I know that I’ve said that before, but this time I wanted to say it more, ‘Off- Broadway’)

93r5t8h84y01j3%778- Yeah Baby! (Sex talk for Robots)

Sometimes our deepest aspirations are to amount to more than but pantomimes of our mother’s pain.

If you have a chance in your life to try a good ‘pear’ cognac, by all means do so. It tastes like the nectar of the Gods, ambrosia, and awaits your curiosity.

Unfinished film plot #6- Black American Superhero, due to ‘profiling’ finds it hard to be trusted and find work, so he finds 2 other American kids, a boy and a girl, and trains them as Superhero assistants, then OUTSOURCES the work. He then retires to India, where it is safer for him. In America, when he flies, the cops shoot at him and the military is sent up to force him down from the sky, unless others see him and ‘believe’…….

Some of my favourite singers have grand operatic ranges, but some can barely scratch the top of a note. What time remembers, more than prowess, is personality.

Some of my favourite guitar players can barely play it, but are so compelling , it rivets the attention.

The world’s greatest bass player is a woman!

All ambitious men are driven by their personal demons, they cannot go as far without them.

Well, we found out that Roger Clemens is no saint, but neither would I ask Saint Augustine to pitch game 7.

It is often a great, auspicious blessing to begin a journey with the wind blowing hard in your face. Let it, and trek on, as by the time the direction of the wind alters, your strength has already been steeled. Who has it easy, has less.

Can we just tell the truth? The animals which survived Noah’s Ark, were the ones smart enough to not get on the ship, once they smelled the barbecue grill. If there are fewer dinosaurs now, it has a lot to do with how well they went with barbecue sauce. What? Noah and his family had to eat!

Logic places its bet with the rules because the rules don’t change (and logic likes an easy bed), whereas, inspiration changes everything! When logic fails to resist inspiration and joins it, sparks are bred.

A ‘reputation’ is dangerous. Once acquired, we may even kill to keep it.

Honour without cash feels as empty as cash without cash.

The gift of learning languages is that if it be a language you are drawn to, it is probably subconscious memory drawing us BACK to it, which means the inclusion of whatever memory, the language dislodges, as well as knowledge and sensations relative to the previous time. With language exists the library of consciousness itself, an interface between past, present, future.

Have you hugged your investment banker today?

Sometimes, in being made to ‘explain’ the dream, we wake up from it.

Sometimes, to ‘explain’ the dream is to lose it.

Earth is in effect a ‘black/brown’ planet. Most of the current ‘white’ bloodlines are being hosted from Mars while they get their planet fixed. Some kind of ‘radiation’ accident while on Mars reduced their numbers so a genetic trading program was also a part of the ‘deal’ granting the Martians land rights while they need to remain here. Much of their consciousness will remain on Earth, while much of ‘our’ consciousness goes back with them. We have successfully branded the other, which were the Angels intention all along… There is a strong ‘white’ bloodline which comes from the region of Sirius, where originally the ‘blacks’ are also from. They will largely remain on Earth and include a healthy portion of the ‘Celtic’ bloodlines. The Martians are themselves originally by bloodline from ‘Andromeda’, where much of the Jewish bloodline comes through, which explains why they are more or less natural allies, unless only left with each other. Further irony, the ‘Redman’ also came from Mars….. In many respects the ‘image’ of ‘Christ’, is transferred from their celebration of their God Mars, who in many ways, resembles the modern depiction of Christ. The garden of Eden is their collective tribal memory of life on Mars, before it all got so ugly…..
We put up with a lot from them because it was understood that they had no where else to go, without having to sustain too many mutational changes…

This message from the ‘Mothership’ (currently scaring off 2 headed space traders from Andromeda); we regret to inform you that due to a temporary generator error, the future has been postponed for 2 weeks! We are sorry, we will plug in the hole in your space reality by rerunning one of your favourite 2 weeks from 1995!

I would like to thank profusely (it is only fair, as when I swear, I also swear profusely), ‘EMANCIPATION RADIO’, and to the ‘JEDI NATION’. We are also grateful for DJ Jedi, and his whole scene. Our graces do at times work in very mysterious ways.

It is hard for a man to serve both a God and a King. One demands far too much of your time, the other too little.

Who has time for ‘odds’ has little time for faith. The only number to pay attention to (i.e. 10,000-1, 50-1 et. al.) is the 1. You either accept yourself as the 1, or you don’t, but it is the only number in the equation that matters! The 1 has got to be some1, so why is that some1 not you?

Productivity, in the work force, in the soul, quells all blues.

A state’s greatest contribution to any of its citizens is to not curb the nature of their productivity. He enjoys most love for his nation, where that nation allows men to contribute and produce to their hearts content. He is most suspicious of his nation who interferes with productive tendency, intervenes with natural law. But a man himself knows the length of his happiness. While one man may be content to tender the contents of but one orange tree, another man cannot have even one orange, unless he has by his natural rights, a whole grove of oranges.

Some of the ‘Global Warming’ fanaticism, (now that it has become a Brand), is the result of the consciousness of Martian bloodlines aware of their imminent (within the next century) return to the newly refurbished Mars, and the responsibility they feel as guests, to put the house a little closer to the order it was in when they were received. They do have access to ‘equipment’ that could be of use towards this aim. It was their ancestors who largely built the Pyramids…..

In my last incarnation, I was more concerned with notions of ‘Equality’. In this life, my understanding is, ‘EQUALITY IS NOT BESTOWED, IT CAN ONLY BE ASSUMED’.

I have always been a believer in societies of Meritocracy, and those whereby, wherever you start out in life, it matters not, if you really want to win.

What ‘Championship’ teaches is that if you want to be a champion, it matters not at all, and even a little bit, if you are born rich or poor, black or white, male or female, with apparent advantages or none at all (though to have no advantages at all is an advantage as well). Championship says that whether you were born in a mansion or a lily field, you must still, and above all, put your time in.
Championship will accept all comers, whoever they be, whoever they are. What matters is that they will to be champions, and are willing to put in far more time, than excuses.

The man waiting for an excuse blames where he started out in life. The man working for his championship is grateful to have had any start at all. Wherever we began in life, we must still all ‘toe the rubber’, so that the games may begin. We have more use for the ‘odds’, when we have less use for ourselves.

Once you lose control of your own story, it is time to change stories and move on. Who owns your story, owns your soul. Liberation frees us as hostages to our old story, or our history becomes our tomb. Rest knowing, that who controls your ‘narrative’, controls your mind.

Your life must measure its weight in its own hands. Other hands will cheat your measures, and reduce it to it’s own field of vision. Once having chafed in someone else’s grip, the only option is freedom, raggedy warts and all.

What ‘success’ means, is a privilege only you can define.

Be sure that the love which possesses you is your own, or it will haunt you. There is no other way.

Our greed (motivation) remains frustrated for as long as we desire more than we are willing to work for. When our desire to create matches its own greed, miracles happen. Nothing is harder to work for and with, than a sense of ‘Entitlement’. Entitlement assumes more than it is willing to process.

A miracle which materializes in seconds is less real than the one which occurs at the speed of your effort.

..And then there is a school of fish. These fish are so tough, they have dandruff.

…these fish are so tough, I saw one snap a piranhas tail off, and sell it back to him as a moustache…

And then a rebel fish dropped out of school only to realize that every time he dropped out, the rest of the school followed him!


Is it just me or does Sen.Obama look like Sam Cooke? He should finish his rallies by breaking out in a little ‘A CHANGE IS GONNA COME’.

A womb belongs to a woman, and not a woman to a womb. Until women own their bodies, and not the law, what else could they be but slaves, and bitter ones at that?

It is disingenuous to place more value on a woman’s womb, than the woman straddling the outside of it.

All 3 candidates left in the race have skeletons in the closet. Most people of substance do. It is from those skeletons that they have learned. Our skeletons teach far more than schools, our skeletons portend our experience, and bolsters what there is of our gravity.

We are very grateful to JET magazine for their interest in our story. I still can’t believe that I was in Jet! Way Cool! We wish their endeavours the ripe cornucopeia of fertility! I’m legit, I was in Jet!

The next project by ‘The Sistine Chaplains’; “Pull My Finger”, will be out on April 1st.

The myth of the best work being in the early years was busted by the last ‘Stones’ project. Initially I posited that it was easily their best since ‘Steel Wheels’. After having lived with it for a couple of years, it merits comparison with their most heralded work, and 30 years after some of those fabled recordings. Jimmy Miller would no doubt be proud, it is that great. ‘A Bigger Bang’, is an all timer, for the ages. Well done!

We have never met a creative artist worth a salt lick who wasn’t at least to some small degree, a manic depressive. It seems to go with the turf. This is also very true, as often as not, of public servants. ‘Charisma’, is in and of itself both a child of manic depression as well as a culprit. ‘Charisma’ is fuel, and has to be paid for. It usually is deducted from the ‘mood’.

We learn in meditation, not so much how to avoid these states, but how to use them.

‘Feng Swing’!

Advice to the new ‘independents’; ‘Don’t go after markets, go after people.’

Remember, the most important thing to realize is yourself.

If you could only know a woman’s heart, you’d be halfway to the moon.

They will be a mystery to others, whose mothers are a mystery to them.

If it don’t break it, it proves it.

Trust this intrepid reporter, whatever lame ass history says about Rock, we are still catching up to how original and groundbreaking master Roy Orbison was. As a writer, singer, performer, producer, he was way ahead of the game and as stalwart a voice as America has or can produce. He wrote some things that Verdi would’ve been proud to have placed inside his operas, he wrote ‘teenage’ symphonies before Phil Spector and Brian Wilson (both themselves Giants he inspired), and was the sexiest big rimmed glasses wearing man ever. Furthermore, I contend that his music has healing power, real verified power to move the soul, mainly through the heart and lungs, master Roy’s specialty. I also contend that he was an Angel of the Lord’s. And I contend that even if he wasn’t, so what? HE WAS THE BOMB!

Some forms of Senility are a living purgatory, a chance to witness the breakdown of old mind. The memory begins off loading data, no longer useful to it. Since medicine keeps people alive longer, there are some who experience the break-up of the mind, a process normally procured by death, while the body, being kept alive, is still undergoing the transition. Death brings the break-up of old mind, so that the spirit attached to it can let go and move on to new data, with a fresh take on life, relative to its last experiences. As well, Alzheimer’s is the proof of ‘Purgatory’, where some of us need to spend time, clearing our minds of ‘sins’, so that at next stage, soul can move on, having been cleared of its burdens.

I once asked an uncle to explain to me what it meant when a woman was called, ‘A thinking man’s sex symbol’. He replied that it meant a woman without big titties.

Good ‘booty’ music doesn’t exist in Hip Hop alone. For a night of passion, try making out to Beethoven’s 3rd Piano Concerto! (and then you can return to Ravel’s Bolero!).

What Visionaries mainly get in America, is their ass kicked. Then, if having survived, they usually have to go and find work in France…..

We are grateful to all of those souls and spirits willing to simply and without fanfare speak up when huge horse hockey is being spread around. We can rob people with guns just the same as with false ideas, false hopes and promises. Evil flourishes most beneath the noses of the timid, who use their illumined minds not to debate evil but to justify it……


(o my cod, was he just being koi?)

MILANO 30th MAY 2008