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Why 'Gilligan's Island' is a deeper bomb than you perhaps previously suspected. Might it be possible that the enduring appeal of 'Gilligan's Island' is that it tells in homerian allegory the story of the traumatized soul separated from its source, its heart. Thus begins a journey of abandonment, survival and hope. The soul is accompanied as always by its seven centers, its seven dwarfs, its matrix. Portals through which to communicate with time and matter. In order to survive the seven must learn to accept the others and work together. The seven principle characters in the show represent like the main chakra centers, a different aspect of the survival mechanism that the ego adapts as a survival persona. The seven are:

1. root chakra SKIPPER
2. womb chakra GILLIGAN
3. solar plexus THURSTON HOWELL III
4. heart chakra LOVIE HOWELL 
5. throat chakra MARY ANN 
6. third eye GINGER
7. crown chakra SCIENTIST

in order to survive the SKIPPER for example as the root or the base center must maintain his belief
that he is in charge and that because he is, all will be well. He will accept no challenges to his authority, as if he loses the plot the whole thing will go to hell. He is susceptible only to the innocent charms of his friend the womb or sacral chakra, represented by GILLIGAN. The further fact that GILLIGAN sometimes carries a monkey expresses the umbilical attachments the second center often works with. His survival strategy is to maintain at all costs his faith in his creative ability to survive all obstacles as well as the naïve belief that come what may, he will always wind up on his feet. The third chakra as the will, is represented by the irrepressible THURSTON HOWELL III. Though admittedly he's a little scared out of his wits, he also refuses to believe that he won't survive because as long as he remembers who he is and keeps his love close to him, all will be well and send the bill to his lawyer. LOVIE HOWELL is the 4th or heart chakra who survives by maintaining a refined detachment from the uglier portions of her experience and assumes it to be some kind of adventure from which she'll awaken at some point. Her instincts are in any case to stick close to the will or her husband. The practical survivor, hardy and steadfast is the fifth chakra character MARY ANN. This chakra strategy for survival, as the throat center, is to eliminate any obstacle to clarity of vision and perception, effectively clearing its throat. It survives by keeping it simple, direct and being the filter in keeping mental debris out of the sixth center third eye, represented by the dreamy and glamorous GINGER. Her survival strategy is to use all that she imagines herself to be in order to rise above all barriers to accepting her charm her grace and her right to exist as she is. She would naturally be the bridge between the practical 5th and the scientific 7th whose survival technique is to use all that he has absorbed from where he is now to move himself forward in time. He maintains by reminding himself that the experience is just a creative challenge. The scientist and the skipper would be natural allies in survival endeavours. 
Question: who among your MySpace crew would you cast as these 7 castaways? 
Because of your top 8 maybe you could choose an 8th as discrete crew personnel! 
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