Dearest lightbeings flirting with matter,

My deepest respects to Joe Strummer of the Clash and other trail blazing endeavours.
May his restless spirit rest in peace. He was a great songwriter and demonstrated in his music and in his actions compassion and respect for the welfare of the common man.
He was blessed to know in his life time that he was a hero for many, I among them.


The record industry, being a microcosm of its nation has always had a problem with black artists with a strong sense of self-determination, if that self-determination did not lead naturally into the greasepaint of self-limiting nonthreatening warmed over minstrel aesthetics; which is to a real man what a prosthesis is to a runner.

A man of colour (this applies also to our latin cousins) breaking conformity still seems no less a threat to the fragile psyche of the State than seeing Samson break his chains must have been for his governors.

Men of colour are constantly criticized for not being men yet historically all attempts at self-determination according to ones-own prophecy has met with ruthless socio-political opposition and not a little over-reaction emotionally in order to encourage a patronizing, childlike dependency on the State, the same State that then mocks them for that dependency. 

And the patronizing way that Artists are kept dependent on the Graces of a graceless and dishonest industry speaks of nothing more than the company store was for miners and for sharecroppers.

There is too much psychic burden on the Grace of our Nation for Government to continue to idly sit-by and allow America's best and brightest to be raped and sheared like sheep before a pack of rabid wolves. It must be reminded that to do nothing in the face of corruption encourages it, and the blinder we are to Justice, the further we are from Peace
And we will always inevitably lead ourselves close to war in order to remind ourselves of this. 


One of the things that I have always respected about the French is that they think for themselves and are not afraid to speak their piece and leave it at that!
And they can always comfort themselves by remembering that they are french and you are wrong.


All in all it must be said that despite the work that remains to be done, there are some pretty cool life-forms on this Planet. Sometimes the Grace of a few does indeed preserve the Grace of the many. 


Happiness is success!


There are two steps to a Joyful life: 
The first is to desire it with all of your heart for nothing tempts fate like the smell of desire.
The second is to be willing to allow it to happen, getting the hell out of the way as often as possible and watching your delight increase! 


A brisk hand barks as its fingers undress … * 


A long memory serves misery more than joy 
so chop up your days into moments 
and keep your attention sharp 
and your memory short!


A man can call himself a man of the community if he cares for the welfare of his community. 
A man can call himself a man of Heaven if he cares for the welfare of all communities.


A man does not feel the true meaning of responsibility until he feels loved. 
Until then, he feels mostly burden.


It is always wise for a Nation to remember that economic hardship is always an opportunity to remember the value of sharing and not just as sacrifice but as sound economic policy itself, for sharing increases a communities sense of security and this increased security increases allowance and allowance increases opportunity, economic opportunity.


………and furthermore the deep financial corruption of the record business is only half of the affliction that affects this industry. 

The other half is the spiritual corruption (also known as moral bankruptcy) that now causes this cancer to consume itself the way Nature requires of any entity when its feeding habits have gotten out of control and threatens to destroy the fabric of the common good. 

All public traders should be reminded that 'business' is never acceptable as an excuse to forget principles of good breeding and manners that good Americans so clearly aim to represent and pass on to their children.


*….And now I leave you with a soft caress…


We have given enough to the night 
if we can trace our shadows 
with moonlight
if we can dance through trees 
and spotted woods
and leave a stain on your lips
like wine might.