Dear pfeff-kafeffens ….

The latest offering from Public Enemy is explosive! Despite my brutal chastisement whilst in the quarantine of Sony's kill anything with spirit ethos, while being locked down, suppressed and asked to beg for oxygen, it yet moved me to be able to say that I arrived in my last life at roughly the same time as this ground-breaking and still great group. Listening to Chuck D's voice felt similar to hearing Moses after he cleared his throat from getting high from the burning bush and pontificate privately with Aaron. Flavour Flav was and remains a mobile exclamation point who's levity balanced the gravity. Once, before being spit out of London cushioned by phlegm, I had the unforgettable opportunity to witness them in full flight at the Brixton Academy and was so moved that afterwards in their dressing room I embarrassed Chuck with my speechlessness.

Young players take heed: a woman is only ever hostile to a man she feels. Even a woman's hostility is precious energy to her and never to be wasted on those who fail to move her.

Love is love no matter how twisted. Yet you have no obligation to maintain a twisted love. Love is often painful simply because there are those who only know how to love painfully.

(Euphemistically speaking of course) A student must at some point kill the teacher in order for the teacher to later be resurrected in the student, now the teacher.

It would appear that the dependency on dead accurate machines has de-sexed the music.

A friend of mine and Luther Means, a one Mr Victor Spoils says that a man's best asset is: 'a long dick and a short memory'.

Getting to the truth takes the time it takes but is always worth the journey.

Bearing God's love is hard, which is why so few are willing.

Your sister is such a Ho that she has booty call waiting…

Your father is so sensitive that when he was asked to step out of a police line up, he asked if it was because he was black.
(trust me, I've got a lot more of these)

No government or corporation is bigger than the truth and eventually bubbles will begin to appear in the wallpaper.

We all have anger, use it. Don't let it use you.

All efforts to stop you are only efforts to increase the strength of your will.

Embrace the struggle and you embrace your strength.

Perseverance and patience equal the last laugh.

What others are doing has absolutely nothing to do with why you showed up.

People throwing stones are a perverse form of approval, otherwise they wouldn't bother.

The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you will notice you have.

Knowing who you are and being that is all the authority or humility you will ever need.

People who criticize you for doing too much are embarrassed that they are not doing enough. Ignore them and get on with it. We don't know how much we have.

Never be afraid to throw the first punch. Even if you lose the fight, no one ever forgets the one with the courage to throw it and neither will the bully who engaged you.

Searching for what you don't have is the sure path to misery. Instead look only to what you do have now and begin and this itself pushes all other necessary processes and brings to you what is required to complete the mission. In a much shorter way the prophet Sinead O'Connor already said this close to 20 years ago.

If you don't have it now, trust the wisdom of why you don't.

It is our images that age and not the we ourselves. Lose the image otherwise it becomes the coffin we die in. Just be your true self and be willing to go all out in love or war in order to remain so. It is your birth right.

One of your highest obligation to yourself is to keep yourself amused. The more amused, the more inspired.

Don't be an idiot. Too many people are already competing for the job and crowding the field.

Never be afraid to tell the truth. But remember not all of your truth is other people's business.

All bad intended lies catches up to the author in the end and destroys the façade through which it came.

Though we all bear a portion, know that self loathing is suicide. Slow but sure and no less accountable than were you to shoot yourself outright. Self loathing is suicide with the brakes on.

Excessive promiscuity for its own sake leads invariably to mental insanity and certain unshakable and prolonged depression. Fuck for love or masturbate or for sure be ravaged by the low spirits of time.

A little sexual discipline goes a long way.

Always looking for the shortcut shortens your life. For life always gives you the time you need to complete the processes important for your life. Don't be afraid to take the long way home, if nothing else it is a more scenic route and more flowers can be picked along the way. Hard work and busting your ass is medicine for the soul. It also builds the character and fortitude necessary to complete the mission joyfully.

If you're waiting for someone else to give you authority, you will be playing a waiting game.

Allow me to pass on my highest recommendation concerning a great new young classical / modern composer also recorded by Emo Alborghetti at Jungle Sound Milano. His name is GIOVANNI ALLEVI his cd project distributed by Bmg Italy is called 'No Concept'. I believe him to be a bona fide genius and worth a listen. He is a first class talent and we could use all of the modern classical composers we can get. Check it we are witnessing the birth of an original!

Post Millennium Rock is not a sound, it's a Spirit! Anything goes as long as it fits.

A whole generation of great African / American drummers weren't raised because of the hegemony of a mechanical box. Drum machines have taken (by and large) the dick out of music and rock without a penis is as useless as a nun in a strip joint. 'The rise of Hetero-Sapiens' will see drummers of all castes reclaim their sticks and drum up new enthusiasm and sound the death knell of stock broker rock.

It is interesting that the moment artists begin to win greater autonomy in their work and lives, we now hear discussion about the abolition of the copyright. I for one am but one artist willing to fight tooth and nail to maintain control of what my hard work and efforts have yielded. I deeply suspect that I am not the only one.

I have always maintained a great fondness and affection for both Celtic and Mediterranean culture. These bloods flow through me as does the blood of the incomparable Moors whose DNA swims through both of these. According to the rather stingy Anglo retelling of history the Moors mainly influenced Architecture and the like in Europe, when in fact far more was affected, least of all much of the royal blood lines of no fewer than two continents. In the final essay blood always returns to blood whether in war or peace.

Beethoven's biological mother was a Moor (something he shared in common with the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and which according to the American race laws would make him just as black as Denzel Washington). In fact one of Ludwig Van's sponsors: the great music loyalist Count Esterhazy, used to refer to him as the Moor. Later renderings in portraiture politicized his features to what was more palatable to Anglo propaganda. I think it wonderful that my two favourite composers: Mozart and Beethoven can be claimed one for each tribe as its premiere example of inspired Godlike excellence.

All praises be to you and your truth which will set us all free!