Dear Obamaniacs, Clintonistas and Members of the J-Mac contingent as well as to the undecided, the unconvinced and Libertarians like me!

I’m thinking, if I’m Martin Scorsese, ‘GTA-4’ owes me a check, SOMETHING! His Travis Bickle is the spiritual Godfather behind these games, particularly ‘Mean Streets’, and ‘Taxi Driver’. He might also want to get with the program and license his own stellar work as new generation games. A director of his calibre would bring great cross fertilization to the business, which now has the glamour, excitement and cache that films used to have. Music used to as well. ‘GTA-4’ IS PINK FLOYDS ‘DARK SIDE OF THE MOON’. It used to be music and films that blew minds. Music now , in its current Guantanamoed state, couldn’t blow the fluff off of a dandelion……….

(and who would be capable, in music, of causing fertile excitement, the kind not manufactured Disney style, would be placed, as I and several peers were, under ‘house arrest’. You never see the chains, but you never see the artists anymore either.) Our standards in our profession are now so low, we get urgently excited by a blond girl simply riffing a recycled Aretha sample, with a production so kitsch and pastiche, it arrived sounding already like a ring tone. Mimicry, and not even inspired……. While in the meanwhile, genuine talent and vision is mocked. The substance and heart were cut out of music deliberately, which is naturally what happens when you put the wrong cast, in the wrong play……. By ruining it, its social power was dispelled, rendering it and its poets less of a threat to the establishment, who fear its reach. They got what they wanted, and are now getting what they deserve. I will never stop mourning the loss of what my proud profession once was. No less than the mythical figures of ROBERT JOHNSON, HANK WILLIAMS, once walked through these hallowed halls, before the thieves took over the temple, and silenced all of the Silver Swans…….

One man’s ‘fixation’ is another man’s love.

Sometimes, ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ intersect, yet as often as not, one has nought to do with the other. Facts can exist without truth and truth is felt as true (when it is), whether facts are present or no. Facts in and of themselves do not persuade, truth persuades.

Sometimes ‘teachers’ work to eradicate a student’s ‘tendencies’ when it is exactly those tendencies that need to be encouraged. Blandness and lack of personality are the result of too many ‘educated’ musicians. Play always to your own nature (since nature already did!), and let time place a frame around it.

The good news is, that no one can lose their mind. We do however know quite a few people, who meditate to facilitate losing ‘acquired’ mind. When we are said to be ‘losing our minds’, we are instead merely losing someone else’s. Very few of us are ever actually in our own minds, most of the time, we suffer the ‘mind’ of other ‘programmers’.

….in fact, losing one’s ‘mind’, can be life’s greatest adventure, and one certainly accompanied by all of Heaven’s mercy….Losing our ‘programming’ is the true beginning of what we shall come to know of life.

Recognition, which we demand from others, can only be given to us by us, from us, AND THEN it is seen by others, and then the ‘Amen’s’ begin…..

Sometimes the well placed ‘tantrum’ writes new law. ‘Tantrum Yoga’ indeed!

The Chinese are the Bulls in their own shop.

A word to the literate of days, the ‘great beast’ will not arise from the middle east, but from Asia, as it were.

I’m asked if a ‘Buddhist‘ we are. No, we are a ‘Buddha’, not the same thing. A ‘Buddhist’ sympathizer we are, just as we lend our voice when appropriate as an apologist for the Catholics. What others think of me or this is irrelevant, when I hear the ‘Bat Whistle’, I move ass, and do what I am lead to do, and when done, I go back to being a scatological, impertinent pseudo mystic rock musician, who at times, for sure smokes more nervously than the ‘image of a ‘buddha’ is normally allowed. Fortunately, Heaven has never placed the same importance on ‘image’ as do we. Sincerity and truth is all that matters. Hiding my vices from the Lord is silly, who knows all of our hiding places, at least as well as we do. More to the point, all of my excuses for NOT serving, my vast array of imperfections, fell on deaf ears. It seems, in the final analysis, that Heaven has heard all excuses, and flat rejects them. If you think you can get out of service, using a ‘vice’ as an excuse, you’d wrong be. All who owe the Lord service, are used, in whatever state when they arrive, or indeed remain…….

…we are not (as patronizingly told), loved by Heaven ‘despite our sins’, but even more, precisely because of them.

Short Tempered Poem-

Don’t look at me that way! 
Because when the awe in 
Your auburn eyes fade, 
All that will be left 
Is contempt.

The more lawyers, the more mischief.

Gee, it must be compellingly difficult for the average Iranian citizen in their next elections. “Let’s see, who do I vote for, the fundamentalist cleric with extreme right wing views in the brown turban, or the fundamentalist right wing cleric in the black turban?”

This is my short political speech-

……….'UNITY IS GOOD, (BUT), Unity and beer is even better!

Our bodies are our sacks of opinion.

Chaos is never far from panic.

What the wise conceal, the foolish seek.

Senility is the breakdown of ‘acquired’ mind. A haunted mind is blessed to find the ‘purgatory’ of senility, which helps the psyche to release bold traumas, before spirit comes to reclaim the mind for Heaven.

Some great ‘booty’ music can be found in the Master Beethoven’s 3rd Piano concerto. I dare you!

(Gents, see if you can ‘hold it off’ until the ‘adagio’ section.)

Home is where the hurt is.

Of all philosophies, none is greater than ‘exercise’, the greatest philosophy of them all.

A scary thought. What if Lesbians are just women with really high standards?

Controversial statement No. 68.-

Since a great many construction businesses are legitimate money laundering outlets, there a connection be between me buying my herb from the man, and the construction of ‘new housing’. In essence, my ‘vice’ grows the neighbourhood, increases investment, and keeps employment more stable than it would be otherwise. But please, do beat me for smoking and finding a way to kill 2 pigeons with one ‘spliff’. Now, that is what I call community spirit! I will leave a space open for the inevitable Christian outrage……..

A doctor once gave me some good news, bad news. The bad was that he reckoned me to be a megalomaniac. The good news was that I was in the right profession for it.

To serve the greater purpose of the mind, a thing doesn’t always need to ‘make sense’. What the mind can make sense of, it usually limits.

Nature too is God, one of God’s robes. All of nature is the fabric of his fulfilment.

…and yet worry is also a form of prayer. Can you honestly say that you do not pray on a regular basis?

You cannot always control the outcome of a fight. Just make sure that no one wishes to fight you twice.

You tend to take ‘History’ with more grains of salt, when you witness even your own History, in your own time, being constantly manipulated to make the guilty appear less so. Even now, I have to fight and diligently watch to insure that ‘the official version’ isn’t more ‘official’ bullshit. Sanitized and more for the state’s comfort than that of truth.

Remember, the ‘State’, is never wrong, and will never admit to error if at all possible. It is always YOUR fault.

What if the ‘official’ story was not entirely correct, and the real story too politically charged to be told/sold? What if the real reason Jesus was executed was because, unbeknownst to him, he raised from the dead a Lazarus which himself had been killed by the ‘Sanhedrin’, for ‘knowing too much’. He knew things which could put people away, so had to be disposed of. Jesus walked into a political potboiler, and what Lazarus knew, he shared with the Lord. This made JC too, a danger, and the plot was hatched. Besides, how many more ‘victims’ would the Lord raise from the dead, how many untold ‘secrets’ would be uncovered by his superpowers? As an ‘inconvenient’ man, he would simply have to go. The ‘official’ version would be written later……..

…as well what if Judas were really a ‘brother’ of the Lord’s? From Joseph by a previous relationship before meeting the ‘Virgin’? Would add an interesting dynamic, and explain a few things. The older half brother, increasingly jealous of his sibling’s divinity. The story of his betrayal bears a strong family imprint. Judas had, like his illustrious half sibling, been a disciple of John the Baptist’s, before Jesus was ready to strike out on his own and begin fulfilling the later portions of his destiny. The bible is certainly full of wisdom and inspiration, it is also full of politics, compromises, and some twists of truth when the truth would’ve been inflammatory towards those who ‘commissioned’ it. We also believe that King James’ greatest and most inspired achievement, was in convincing the great Master Shakespeare to revise and edit the various books that went into the compilation. He actually leaves a ‘clue’ to his participation, inside the scriptures. Those would include portions later left out, yet which comprise much of ‘THE APOCRAPHA’ and ‘THE NAG HAMMADI’. Books, in essence composed of what at the time of it’s compilation would have been too politically charged to include, especially the portions which speak of the truth and beauty of his simple humanity, and his love for it. These passages also include closer portraits of his relationships with his crew, especially his immense fondness and respect for the ‘Magdalene’, which is known by the old church, or there wouldn’t be so many shrines to her grace around the world. Here in Italy and elsewhere, there is a distinction between the ‘cult of the Virgin’, and the ‘cult of the Magdalene’. Lastly, at the time of Jesus’ doings, the word ‘MARY’ wasn’t so much yet a name, as a title, an honorific. The reason he had so many ‘Mary’s around him was that they were all ordained priestesses from the female equivalent of the schools which educated him. As well, he could make/produce ‘Mary’s’, just by his presence……

….as much as dying for someone else’s crimes, Jealousy killed the Lord, just as it does most of his servants.

I know that you fear envisioning a different world Horatio, but pray tell, why can almost ANY (but really, ANY) white artist walk into a record label and say, “YES, I want to sound like Aretha, now get it done!”, and ‘Voila’, it’s done! Just like that! But let ‘Del’ walk into same label and say, “Hey, I love Rock and I wanna make some smoking rock music”, and ‘Del’ will be laughed at and shown the door. Otherwise, he’d be employed to make sure that the girl who wanted to sound like Aretha had the ‘right sound’ behind her. Music itself is the world’s least prejudice substance after air, but the people gathered around it are poisonously racist and as sexist as all hell to boot. There are kids barely able to even breathe correctly into a microphone being promoted to the relative degree that they can mimic a ‘black’ sound, but let one Delroy turn up an amp and get busy, then social apologists show up and announce why now just isn’t the time. Authenticity , sincerity, is all. At least as an independent, I do not have to face the gall of being a horse in a stable (label) not allowed to race up to his full potential, but kept in the barn to induce a more competitive spirit in the other horses who ARE ALLOWED. I have peers as rich as royalty whose sole purpose was to mirror myself and those of my ilk, to wear our robes, if not our skin, and flaunt that they now have it, and we now don’t. I grew despondent seeing new models created from my template, while I myself was being held back. I saw guys who were barely guys (and those are the ones they ‘toughen up’ the most and ‘assign’ Supermodels to, whereas, I had to earn my models), made into macho ‘soul sexed up playa’s’, who still lived at home with their moms and wear pajamas with the feet on them to bed. We speak not of performers who were real, regardless of their colour (i.e. M. Hucknall), but of manufactured stereotyped bullshit. I can recall sharing a billing once, on a festival in France, with a performer who only existed because of a market that I created (which didn’t exist before, check the books), and backstage, he wouldn’t even speak to me. I almost punched him, but was persuaded by a colleague to handle it another way. So, remembering who I was, and what emergency powers I had access to ( and after his ‘management’ insisted on his having top billing), I took the stage, and with the full force of my intention and will, gave perhaps my finest performance up to that point (at least my most committed, perhaps), and did a little dance I learned as a child, from a witch who liked me. Within seconds of the other band taking the stage, a torrential downpour began that immediately cancelled the rest of the Festival. A previous engagement with the same gentlemen saw his voice ragged and in need of repair, so, without prompting, I directed a physical therapist to go to his entourage, and offer her services. Even after my employee cured him enough to sing that evening, saving him money and reputation, the little shit didn’t even bother to holler ‘Thanx’ at a nigger. The downpour was my way of saying to him and the organization which created and fondled him, that they had picked a fight with like, the wrongest man. My bloodlines extend into Native American tribal healers and raindancers. We simply know, upon necessity, how to make the rain fall. We grew weary of the constant colonization and annexation of our talent, our goodwill, as well as what there is of my culture that can be exploited, and handed over, like an heirloom, to an empty, pretty and most of all pale face. Robert Johnson died, so that Man could live. In this case, through the music and its autumnal power to arrest, compel, sort out and heal. Muddy Waters went through hell and back just to bring a little water to Sylvie, her throat parched and cracking with thirst. I know for A FACT that in Master Muddy’s mind, he brought the water to ALL SOULS, EVERYWHERE. Had he known the extent to which members of his tribe would later be denied the fruits of their and their ancestors own labour, and witness it handed over to ANYONE BUT THEM, he might’ve rethought his position and took up plumbing instead. It is 2008, and brothers are still BEGGING to be allowed to pursue the fullness of their musicality and not just all of the SOCIAL PROFILING GREATEST HITS. An Octopus is being asked to continue picking his nose with one arm, while all of the others are using more. Is there any wonder, that the MOJO, verily supplied in the early days, by the early blues masters, has run out, and it is clear to me that the Blues Gods, who, forgotten or not, are the founding fathers of Rock and its money pile, are greatly saddened and displeased. I report this earnestly. We don’t deserve more, we forgot how to share, and are paying the price for it now. As for what remains of my own portion, I hereby withdraw what little juice I let remain for possible service to others. Whatever this sounds like, this much is sure, IT IS OVER Mrs McGillicuddy. They can create all of the magicians and special effects at their disposal, but Moses has left Egypt, as Elvis has left the building, and neither will be returning anytime even close to soon. A word to the wise of days, place your investments elsewhere. Heaven will see no more of her soldiers fucked, while YOU PROFIT BY IT. I am not a facilitator for racism, I don’t seem to recall being loaned my gift by God to fuck people and their dreams. Maestro Dylan already told you that A HARD RAIN IS GONNA FALL, you thought he was being cute?

You can begin to understand why, in his lifetime, the Bible says that the Lord hung out with various ‘undesirables’, even prostitutes and such. Why? They weren’t busting his balls about his ‘image’, since they would have all had ‘image’ issues as well. Around those less concerned with his ‘image’, he could let his solar hair down, enjoy himself, and get away from all of that heavy religious business for a couple of hours or so. These people weren’t stressing the Lord about ‘miracles’, and raising deadbeat cousins from musty graves. They just liked being around him. He told wickedly funny stories, and made them feel good to be human. He never judged them, and sometimes when they weren’t looking, just for kicks, he might turn their wine, back into water…….

…and the advantage to partying with the Lord is that you never had to worry about the ‘keg’ going dry….

OK, enough of this, before I tempt more arrows than I can transform back into work…..

Knowledge is the only thing which by giving away we keep.

The first epic Ali-Frazier fight. That is what Obama/Clinton is looking more and more like. Obama is Ali. The longer the fight goes (despite who’s ahead on the ‘scorecard’), the more it favours the heavy puncher.

Rest assured, nature is not without contradiction, but is without flaw.

I adore Chess, have all my ‘lives’ (so sayeth ‘Sylvester’), it is a wonderful meditation for the mind and draws together uniquely both the intellectual brain and the instinctive. To wit, the ‘rational’ mind and the ‘creative. It is all at once stimulating, focusing, relaxing. It clears and stabilizes the mind, and teaches other subtle life lessons as well. In fact, psychological archetypes abound on the board (kind of like the way Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs is ‘euphemism’ for basic archetypal science, as much as a portrait in broad brushstroke of the 7 ‘chakras). Before you know it, your life reasoning abilities have improved. Few games there are which educate the mind and train it , to the extent that Chess is capable. Many of us ‘crazies’ are drawn to it due to it’s rejuvenating mental and spiritual powers. Chess can grant greater confidence in life situations. Can it not be taught in schools? How expensive can it be? Could perhaps not a few of you organize/encourage more school Chess clubs? It is one of those games that civilized brains should learn. It is not so much a game, as a ‘process’.

Films have about 5 years left (as currently configured). America’s propaganda arm has lost the strike zone. We have also grown weary of the same basic portrayal of us, again and ad infinitum. It generally takes Denzel or Will Smith to raise it to a level above the usual parody. While both film and music dumb down everything for the purpose of advertisers and state social profiling, ‘games’ succeed, though far more expensive, because they do not dumb down, they big up, and reward the kids for the same intelligence that the entertainment companies assault. They seem willing to pay more for the flattery and stimulation. Nobody but nobody wants to be dumb, we all want to know a little something, and that which stimulates, challenges, and entertains gets the affection of our currency. When music and film regrow the balls of audacity and innovation being brought to bear upon the games industry, their cash registers will once again ring joy bells, and much less apathy and disaster. The easiest and by far simplest thing to do to rejuvenate the industry is to tell all of the ‘niggers’ to go away and not come back until they come with the most totally ‘fucked up’ music that they can possibly make. THAT IS WHEN THE KIDS RETURN, when the ‘nigs’ (of all castes and tribes, true ‘nigs’ know who they are) are allowed to have their ‘head’ again, undisturbed by corporate bullshit, the music will blow up, and just like that. Once the old fogeys in the record companies stop sitting on top of true genius and inspiration, all the bunnies will return to the forest, happy as pigs, wallowing in something besides jungle turds……

The new release by ‘The KERVORKIANS’ – ‘Death To You All’ is being postponed until the summer. Watch this space for future details.

The new release by the ‘Weekend Buddhas’, ‘Tibetan With Other People’s Money’ will be released in the slot allotted for the Kervorkian’s release.

“Dude, you left the light on all night, what’s up?” “Oh, it was a new light bulb, and I was trying to break it in”

You would never get the Anglos anywhere to admit to ‘Conspiracy’, which to them, is just a word in a dictionary, which in ‘theory’ may exist, though not in actuality. Especially where it concerns them. ‘Other people commit conspiracies, not us, now go away!’

We are too hard on ourselves. One man’s ‘addiction’, is another man’s ‘habit’, and one man’s habit, is another man’s completion. Life herself is habit forming. The fault lies not with our desires, but with our measures.

A man with knowledge and possession of himself does not need a weapon. They are their own.

It is an illusion to believe that a man can be full of ‘God’, and not be full of the self God made to contain him. I am closest to God, when closest to myself, be it through calm, through joy, through pain.

This space kept free for ‘Intelligence Deciphering-759JJfnV6453hvbMMOPb9@#àò $ttQOO7’

Your mother is so fat, she has to be weighed on the ‘Richter’ scale!

Sometimes the price of the dream is that if you can see the stars, you must also be willing to bear the stripes.

Only the awakened can truly dream.

Usually, the bitterest pills to swallow are our own.

Racism mutates and changes form to protect itself as a disease. From one generation to the next, it reinvents it’s ‘image’ and most of all, it’s language. But each nigger must see for himself, ‘mixed race’ or the full black, that our hurdles are ever before us, and the concept of ‘fair’ never gets close to it, nor does it stand a chance when faced with the open road. We must each re-capture for our spirits, the freedom we believe it deserves, and pay, each of us, the price, as well as the taxes. And for as long as we toil among the ‘English’. Sexism is racism without the same guilt.

As it happens, I am a big fan and admirer of Robert Downey Jr. (I also love his father, Sammy Davis Jr.): He has long been easily among the cream of our generation. He is also a musician, so I used to run into him at the Sony conventions, as at that particular time, Sony was promoting a Blues CD made by Robert. I empathized with him. It is good to see him WINNING and winning big. He deserves all of the success that life now promises to bring him more of. He is a great entertainer, period, and one of the smartest guys, and most soulful, in Hollywood (although it has to be said, calling a guy the smartest guy in H’town may not be too flattering to him, especially if he comes from somewhere else. It is good to see the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow back as well………..

….and when you can snatch this pebble from my hand……

I am starting to feel like Col. Kurtz. Now that I have Nintendo Wii, I cannot stop creating Mii people. Perfection! My own world to Lord over and dominate! So far, I’m but a few people away from applying for a Federal Grant…… In the future, these people will need all of my time and attention. If they do not like me playing God, I will crush them, and with zest, set my ministers upon them! Once I get the proper link up to the web, I will then unleash my private army to reprogram all of the peoples of Earth. I told my wife, Francesca, not to really worry about my new enterprise until she sees me shave my head, then sit and brood in a dark corner, with half moon lighting, and a black t-shirt. Once I become able to transform myself into a Mii person, I’m outta here, full stop. In the future, we can settle wars this way. It can even revolutionize jihad!

And as soon as I can put these beings to work doing promotions for a fool, you’ll begin seeing them pop up in your world! Welcome the Mii sales team!

Your brothers head is so big, when he was born, the doctors had to use the JAWS OF LIFE to get him out.

Generally, bad governments are wary of sound law.

The secret of resurrection, is jumping in at the deep end of the grave.

I know of some ‘brothers’ who are training really hard (and with Olympic spirit), so that when the torch passes through town, they can mug it too.

Which segments of society the establishment fears, is not given education (at least none to speak well of), but religion instead.

If the Lord Jesus was willing to ‘die for my sins’, I won’t feel too guilty about a cow dying for mine either. Pass the t-bone!

When it be easier to get a gun than an education, naturally, a lot of idiots will have guns.

Inside Latin/Central American humour: What do you call a Nicaraguan with a job? A Costa Rican!

If Naomi C is banned from British Airways, ME TOO! If ‘Supergirl’ cannot fly, me, Jimmy Olsen, is sitting tight for quite a while. I always pay attention to my Goddesses and what they do, in case I may want to do it too. What is our helpless, pathetic, crybaby world coming to when Models are now displaying the hubris of Rock stars, while, these days, it’s as if rock stars are still living at home with their parents. We are now about the same relative threats to our world that sheep are to a shooting range. We are now all soft, likable, demographically approved and it yet explains why all of the balls and sperm have left our music, and why it is all bespectacled, respectable and shit. 
It is now down to supermodels to remind us of what it was like when we were not just the side attraction we’ve now become to film releases and games. We now are ‘handled’ like a bunch of fags, the really ‘poncy’ ones.

One man’s ‘mugger’, is another man’s ‘nigger’ (‘Reckless’, be another one which is doublespeak for ‘Black Man). Politics are all about ‘doublespeak’.

The wise question what they don’t understand, while fools laugh at it.

Models are born, Supermodels are made.

Your father tried to invest in an erectile dysfunction medication aimed at Black Men, called: ‘NIGRA’.

My wife is the video watcher, the ‘cultural participant’ in our scene. I avoid them (and Pop music in general) like the plague. (Too much exposure to mediocrity confuses the innovation impulses all creative types have, it compromises values. I never play to the crowd, but to time and its eternal groove). Passing the bedroom TV, sometimes a video will catch my eye. Usually to induce a yawn. That disclaimer having been dispatched, THE RADIOHEAD VIDEO FOR ‘Jigsaw’ (something or other), IS BRILL, TOTALLY! They make what I call ‘Ant’ music. I love Ants, are fascinated by them and even when you don’t know what they are up to, they are still highly watchable. Much like Radioheads tunes. Sometimes, a piece of theirs will move me precisely because one isn’t always sure why. Their music is compelling in a way that almost all of their contemporaries are not. Most of whom are derivative. This is a group who have transcended the mere banality of numbers and market shares. They endure because they speak to people who don’t wish to be approached as ‘Idiots’ to hold still and market fresh product to. They are capitalist like the rest of us, but ‘cappies’ with heart, and their own sense of who they are. I’ve been an admirer since ‘Creep’. Bravo! 
White artists are granted more relative freedom in the industry, though most are too timid and uneventful to use it. Thom Yorke is one who takes full advantage of the position he merited and who uses it to advance the cause of the Western mind, and it’s fulfilment and release. We could use a few more crazy white boys with fresh ideas, all of the music benefits in turn. Strides made by one tribe are the footprints of the next…..

Even when you do not enjoy the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE, don’t forget that you are still in the game, and still in the game to win! Some are born with the Home Field, some have to learn how to win all of their games on the ROAD. That we are even in the game at all embarrasses the odds.

The ‘RIGHT’ are often favoured by JEWISH MONEY, because the Right tend to complain less about paying the costs, paying their dues.

Next chapter (by Gods will, due sometime in Autumn): ‘PRODIGAL SUNLAMP’ or (‘ESCAPE FROM NIGGER ISLAND’)!

Things that I would like to see:

1: The Christian Church could use fresh music. We have composers worth Gods blessing more than capable of composing them. Might we Catholics commission Sir Paul McCartney, Maestro Brian Wilson, Master Stevie Wonder, Elton John, et. write Masses? We are here now and these approaches would reinvigorate the program music as well as attendance. I would love to see new Masses commissioned for the masses. I’m certain that more than a few of my mentors are ready for this opportunity. I’d die to hear a PINK FLOYD mass, some songs for service from our stellar songmasters. Master Smokey, can you hear me? Kate Bush is one who seems to me attuned towards the capacity, she would make a brilliant composer of music to lift and inspire Christian hearts.

2: As far fetched as it may sound, an open air concert specifically aimed at ‘Pets’ and their people. 
A concert/blessing for and of the House animals. THEY would greatly appreciate such an event. Perhaps a pet food company or the like could help to sponsor it. This somewhere should be an annual event. Our pets are important to our psyches and our family structures. Let’s honour them with concerts!

3: (in fact, though I’ve had this idea for sometime, someone just recently did this very thing in Italia), A ROCK MASS! A ‘Funk Mass’ could also work! A Country Mass! We are bade to go into the Highways AND the By-ways and compel them to come. We must be willing to go where the people are. Sometimes the mountain has to get its exercise too, and make its way towards Muhammed.

4: ‘Ringtones’ can be offered in the future which takes a person’s biological information (at the end of the day, all of life is in effect ‘digital coding’) and turns this info into beats, melodies for the purpose of keeping in alignment, ones mojo. The same info can be used to gather a library of other pre available options, in essence what music works to keep your mind and energy levels, where you want them. Personalized ‘Ringtones’ from your personal energy field! 
Sending it to let others know that you are trying to reach them or reaching out, saves time.

We leave you now to play our pipes for our fauns in the field 
(Mostly unannounced), though sometimes billed! 
And once the Shepherds fold their flock 
Comes the money men, knock, knock, knock.



MILANO 26th MAY 2008