Dear grounded, dyslexic dogs…

It is impossible to be someone else's idea and be happy at the same time. Being yourself is the only way to peace, the peace that passes all understanding.

No matter what name given to whatever system of government or economics in the west, the key to its success was the looting and rape of Africa. Africa is the reason for the wealth of the western nations. It would therefore behove the west to show a little bit more respect towards the roots of her own wealth. It would also help if they were armed against their oppressors so that at least they could die like men defending their homestead and way of life. The west has roughly about a year and a half before their failure to more closely monitor the genocide and the usual secret sponsors behind it produces a startling backlash effect, which will make the bird flu look no worse than a runny nose. It will also begin to affect tremendously world weather patterns, particularly in the regions from which her greatest exploiters come.

A dog hangs on to a dry bone even as his memory hangs on to a wet one.

In a prior life, Harry Belafonte was an Aztec sun God. Many women will tell you that this feels right. And in this life he was a huge and seminal influence on the two biggest and most influential artists of their era, Elvis Presley and Sam Cooke. 
….Enough said.

Abba, Abba, Abba, Abba. It's all about Abba! Even Abracadabra is but another word for Abba!

With all due respect to the great Spielberg and Scorsese, Woody Allen is the greatest film director in the American canon. His body of work and its versatility is awesome. A country in which Orson Welles had to beg in order to work doesn't deserve a Woody such as it has been served by. That however is just an example of grace, which we sometimes receive whether or not we've done anything to earn it.

Racism is the single biggest cause of disease and the justification behind the annihilation of other men. All rhetoric is smokescreen and it's bullying intent transparent. Were it not for a racist belief system, we wouldn't be seeing and ignoring so many people of colour around the world being killed as if they were just in the way of real-estate values and other commodities valued by our greed.

The best that the Christians can do to help reflect more their Jesus' Grace into the world is to get out of the old testament and into the new. The old testament is history, background material. The new, mercy and one can see in it, a blueprint for a new authentic love based world, just as clearly as John The Revelator could see the consequences of refusing the new covenant and remaining entrenched in the old one. Bare in mind there are those who deliberately covet the negative biblical outcome as it allows them and their evil a cover under which to perpetuate more evil and its best friend totalitarianism. For these men, Christianity is simply another mind control tool and a means towards a totally selfish end.

Death is the wrong beast to fear, fear the waste of time instead.

Even winners must endure losing seasons in order to appreciate the values and habits of winning and to reaffirm their belief in them.

Try as we might to subdue its logic, sometimes we hurt because it is the hurt that heals. Be with it, be ok with the hurt, claim it, own it and love it. This is the hurt that leaves the seeds for future adventure and joy.

Each of us whether black or white, male or female, rich or poor have been given a package of woes to work with. Arrogance assumes our suffering to be of more weight. Every tribe has woes unique to it as does every nation, every special interest group. (we are in essence nothing more than a collection of special interest groups). The point is, we all bear our cross the way we do and brotherhood is the simple awareness that no man (even one born a Bush) is exempt from his own cross and it is in this simple acknowledgment that we are already brought closer together.

All of the burdens of a man's heart are but as yet unmined gems waiting to sparkle.

Provocative statements…..:



Time is the miracle we most take for granted.

Any woman is sexy if she wants to be.

Your mother is so out of it, she thought that her HMO was her gay doctor.

Your family was raised in a house so small, you had to step outside to fart!

The lesson must first be absorbed before it can be taught.

Humour was one of the tools given us in order to survive our judgements of ourselves. It does not always lead to a laugh, sometimes it simply leads on to the next breath.

Persecution, held and contained produces miracles. The whole time that I was being beaten down by Abu Ghraib Records, I was dreaming with all my dream power exactly the situation I am now free to work in. To be rewarded for my standards and not punished instead. To simply make the music that music itself inspires me to make without all of the sadly political and racial bullenscheissen that has ravaged and crippled the American and therefore international music scene. It's so thick with politics that even inspiration won't go within 3 blocks of a record label without a body guard and a lawyer. To simply be what we and my tribe were called to be: a link between Heaven and the cold hostile damp earth that would swallow all of God's Angels and regurgitate them out as snacks.

Imagine getting locked out of a house which you helped to build from the first brick of the foundation to the last brick of the chimney. This happened with rock. Both sides of my family tree built rock according to necessity, a collaborative effort meant to serve the battered and disparate tribes intended to work together to raise a great and meaningful nation. Rock and its apologists have failed to keep the faith with the side of the family consigned first to the basement and then evicted from the house altogether. This new POST MILLENNIUM ROCK which I by inspiration, past – present and future and with the grace of God create, invites as its agents all of those who recognize within it the yearning and excitement of their own DNA. Be you as white as casper or as black as sambo, as gay as a fruitcake or as militantly masculine as all of that you are welcome to help shape its form. This is your music, created for you which we will not allow any political lobby or blundering meanderthals (who meander other people's lives away) to take away. This is the music of the indigo tribe, the next generation and all of my faithful kissable Maitreya babies. Have at it while it is still hard and throbbing, while its heart is still growing and blowing soft kisses across your face.


When you accept that opposition only focuses your meditation, you welcome opposition.

Everything we judge within ourselves to be a flaw only deepens our humanity.

A flaw will not leave us just because we haven't yet seen how to use and exploit it. We curse our tools simply because we haven't yet found the on switch.

The subtle but iron wall of the music business' separate but equal race policy is clear to anyone who really wants to open their eyes and see it. The walls are decorated differently now, but pretty much the same clock is hanging on it that was hanging there when I was born in the sixties.

A healthy mind keeps itself close to a healthy body.

Most womanizers are still looking for their mothers withheld adoration. The more he was loved and adored by his mother, the more positive relationship karma and stability a man will have.

A man abandoned by his mother will tend to seek subconscious solace and revenge in charming and seducing other women and then abandoning them once he sees that their level of dependency matches his own. Until he sees the root cause behind his actions, his relationships can never flower and his heart can never heal. 

With all great and due respect to Einstein, Beethoven had already said E=MC²
with the 5th symphony.

When life hands you a lemon, she hands you the seeds for greater clarity.

The harder thing to believe about the vice-president's hunting story is that anyone would ever accidentally shoot a lawyer!

Next progressive movement that I will throw my full weight behind: 



Every man looking for a teacher is instead looking for a thief,
He won't feel this until his fruits are gone and he's left to suck the leaf.

These transmissions dedicated to the late (but on time) great Buck Owens, a childhood hero and musical giant.

No warrior can afford an ego bigger than his wits.

In effect, the hearing does not deteriorate, the will does.

Persecution never pays and nothing rocks to avenge itself like persecution without just cause.

The soul is equal to the weight of the mass which recognizes it.

The significance of Miles Davis and his gigantic generous legacy to us only grows appreciably in time. His approach to mood and tonal manipulation was as scientific as emotional, as algebraic as horizontal. I've never met a depression or state of anxiety that the masters music couldn't help dispel and never met a glass of wine which didn't itself relax in the presence of his music. His polar twin, Louis Armstrong played trumpet the way your father would have: 'bold athletic and playful'. Miles played as your mother would have, the essential medicine and no more, offering his tones to you as conclusions which you could finish yourself. 
I first met him here in Milano in '88. He actually told me that he saw me living here eventually. Perhaps he could see in his wisdom that I would fare better here than there. The last time I saw him was at a concert of his in Boston that blew my mind. He and his crew threw music up in the air and it landed 20 years into the future before peeling itself back and seeding future clouds. Backstage, I didn't press upon him too much as I could see that he was frail and that his hourglass was beginning to put his fading sands into his God's hands. Yet he retained enough will as I recall, to have loudly berated an assistant with expletives for reminding him that because of his diabetes, he shouldn't have been eating ice-cream. My memory was to the effect that he was Miles Davis and was going to do his Miles Davis thing, even in the face of death, which was always eager to embrace the maestro simply because he was such a fan of the music.

Trying to convince others to love you, who will not, will cost you your own love.


· Schizophrenics just have a more vivid and creative imagination? 
· Children were all natural geniuses before being educated and convinced otherwise?
· Whales, giraffes and elephants were scaled to the size of their understanding?
· Butterflies were really thought collectors?
· Crocodiles really do dream of one day being shoes?
· The reason an ostrich buries its head into the sand is to avoid the wind of the fart which it is about to let go of?
· Snails dream of a catastrophe great enough for them to realize their ultimate fantasy, for gravity to fail just long enough for them all to be collectively hurled out into deep space? 



'Fuck-ups' are an intrinsic part of the mythology and authenticity of Rock and Roll before it went all black-tie and cummerbunded. Pete Doherty of England is persecuted as much as for anything his freedom to fuck-up on his own terms. Everyone wants to live your life but nobody wants to pay your taxes. No, I wouldn't want children to emulate Mr Doherty, yet in all fairness neither would I want to see Mr Doherty begin emulating children. Even with everyone watching and laying odds he still has the right to live his life as a question mark stretching itself into an exclamation point. Besides he sells papers and in our corporate quarterly times, isn't that all that matters?

As your mind and it 's value raises, so too will your fortune.

Opportunity flows to an open mind, the way water flows downhill. To a clinched mind, it can only form puddles, that soon dry into riddles.

People who are afraid to fight usually fear themselves more than they fear their opponent. It is the fear of one's own power that usually stops us in our tracks.

One man's fetish is another man's therapy.

A life becomes stuck when it tries to live theory. Theory works on paper and is a peppermint to the mind. But life laughs at theory the way the weather mocks meteorologists. Inner conflict is the natural result of theory being given equal weight to personal truth and depression is the result of energy depletion after a bout of inner conflict. Most theory is just another word describing somebody else's' bullshit. Live according to your wits, they are the greatest gift wisdom bestows.

Sometimes life herself will kill you on one level in order to raise your spirit to the next.

The grapes of wrath in time produce the sweetest wine.

The suppressed desires of one generation are the primal urges of the next.

Most bitches become bitches as a result of growing disappointed with how few men there are in their world willing to stand up and be men. A man who is waiting for a woman's permission to be a man has already lost that woman's interest.

Racism or any ism can never stop you from getting yours. It just makes it harder to be given yours.

The reason that God could create the world in 6 days was because there was no one around to undermine him and tell him that he couldn't.

The Lord waits for those who move on, yet cannot wait for those who wait.

This is the publication of my conversation with God which can be also read 
and God can be reached at his website:

Dear GOD, 
first of all let me say that I am a Huge Fan of your work!!! I have some questions for you, do you mind? they have been plaguing my soul for a while:
1) why did you create us men to fall asleep immediately after sex?
2) why is question no.1 especially true if you are married?
3) did maybe Eve have a brother named Steve who was also attracted to Adam and this caused some confusion?
4) do you think that maybe if you hadn't rested on the 7th day that the earth would be complete and not full of unfinished deserts?
5) which do you think we will see first: a black Pope or a Pope with a nipple ring?
6) only one choice to be Mrs. GOD : Elizabeth Montgomery or Barbara Eden?
Thanks G. I know you are busy instructing President George Bush on running the world…


ps thank you for creating my wife Francesca and on behalf of all of humanity thank you for inventing the orgasm!


Regarding your questions….
1. Hey it's your own free will to fall asleep or stay awake after sex (but, why bother staying awake?)
2. I've never been married so I wouldn't know. (Mrs. God–Could you imagine!?! I'VE GOT ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH!!!)
3. Eve did NOT have a brother named Steve. (Don't make me smite you!)
4. Hey, get off My case! I finished the earth in 6 days and didn't need a 7th! Deserts aren't "unfinished", they're perfectly good deserts! The Holy Lands happen to be deserts! Have you got a problem with deserts? (see prior warning about smiting!)
5. There's already been a pope with a nipple ring (there have been some really naughty popes!) Hopefully it won't take too long before there's a black pope. (Believe it or not, I have nothing to do with choosing popes!)
6. As if I'd want to marry a witch or a genie!!!

As far as your comment on Me instructing George Bush: Let Me make this clear–Bush is NOT President because of Me! If I were to choose someone to lead the free world I would NOT choose an arrogant little dimwit who never had to work a day in his life! GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE CREDIT THAN THAT! (I don't choose popes or leaders, and yet for some reason they always think I put them where they are. Well I didn't! I'll put them where they belong AFTER they're done living.)

Finally, you're welcome for Francesca. You earned each other.

And to the entire animal kingdom: You're welcome for orgasms. 

MILANO 27th MARCH 2006


ps I love you all and are grateful for you! SM