I remember once as a child being asked : 
"Why are you so out there?" 
I replied : "because it's less crowded and I have more room to breathe".
Yes, I have walked a very hard road my angels, but praise God it was my road.

And no one else's and there was always enough space for me since it wasn't overcrowded with other people expectations and ready-to-wear attitudes.
One can only find one's self on one's own road anyway and if you are looking to avoid your truth then I envy you for in reality I had no choice. 
The unsettling traumas of my childhood opened my eyes completely to how heavily damaged our psyches are and the tight bandages we wear around our hearts just in order to survive our own wounded self opinions and the hard glare it casts upon our shadows.

Therefore I did not wish to just survive my life, 
I wished to heal it because I was 'cursed' with the vision to see through our fractured images just how God blessed beautiful we really are and just how big a thing a heart is and that yes love is just as powerful as we fear it is and is a great great threat to the darkness we hide ourselves in simply because we do not feel worthy.

It is a certain rite of passage for any poet, philosopher, artist or anyone who wishes to serve the healing of humanity, that they must first survive the public's hostility before they are then accepted as sincere . This scares a great many of them off, but the ones who survive become our heroes.

If you do not feel worthy of healing (love)
you will lash out against what offers it.

To survive your life and yet still believe in love
is the greatest act of heroism any of us can commit. 

The true 'Red Badge of Courage' is the heart. 

We fear that opening our hearts to others will cause us more pain not realising that in not fully opening our hearts we fulfill the prophecy of our fear by drawing to us those who share the same fear. A heart can never heal by remaining closed, the light and the air must get to it and this requires trust ( as all processes do ).
Besides, an open heart heals itself and is its own reward and draws other open hearts to it.

Never fear chaos, 
it is the father of all beauty 
as simplicity is the mother of all beauty 
and when it arrives it's not so much all hell breaking loose 
as all heaven breaking in

True nobility lies not in genetics 
but in ethics 

Focus your meditations on what your passions are and the rest is cake
Your passions ARE your meditations, your passions define your life 
To live a life suppressing your passions is to live a life suppressing the truth
Is to live a life suppressing your dreams , is to live a life apologising for being,
is to live a life as an apologist for suffering 
Everyday we murder our dreams with logic 

Be careful of too much 'logic',
It robs us of our magic 
besides what often passes itself off as 'logic' 
is just a code word for lack of faith in God 
and even more betraying 
a lack of faith in yourself 

The profound loneliness of God is that his own people are the one's most afraid of him 
and feel the least worthy of the truth of his complete and unwavering unconditional love.
Part of the profound loneliness of Man is that since he spends most of his time judging himself, he is left alone a lot, for in this God will not join him .

This concludes this transmission, 
I now turn you back 
over to your regularly scheduled program
enjoy it while it lasts!

Your eternal friend
Sananda Maitreya

Ps: when in doubt, just put it between two pieces of bread and call it a sandwich! 

Pps: when you are really in doubt there's always The Beatles!!!

MARCH 31ST, 2002