Beloved recently arrived meldrovian refugees from the SRR636 Galaxy! Check!

Reality is the space between your imagination and you desires.

Just finished reading two great books about two of my all time heroes, the great Peter Guralnick's book on Maestro Sam Cooke "Dream Boogie" and a great book from Paul Hemphill about the magnificent Hank Williams. Inspiring and informative and I'm sure that they chase Angels together in heaven while admiring each others groundbreaking songs!


Efforts, well focused always lead to yield. 

In our humanity is our humility.

…and remember if you ever tuna fish, they prefer the key of C (as do sea bass!)

Developing your own consciousness is the best way to prevent alien mass mind control manipulation. A person of their own consciousness is a more difficult mind for low spirits to gain control of. This is why being yourself is the key to salvation.

If you believe, then you are there already.

Be mindful that our suffering is not caused as much by friction as much as our desire to avoid it. Un-resisted suffering is a clearing exercise and removes from our matrix the dead tribes no longer marching. We go through our gates, and then pay the toll to the piper.

Mary J Blige deserves all of the goodness and accolades that fate now plans to more fully bestow upon her. She's a scratcher and a clawer and has had to (like Lauryn Hill) suffer the fools of industry for the worth of her 'realness'. That she is a world class babe is not the measure of her contribution, it's that she feels it and brings it as she does and will not be turned (like Margaret Thatcher).

Congratulations to the maestro Stevie Wonder for his new music! It's great to hear the master behind the drums again. No programming will ever be able to replace the sound and feel of a grooveworthy drummer who has a spirit to transmit and Stevie is connected to the mother ship.

Likewise another artist that I have long looked up to has made another marvellous document of her imagination. It's called 'Aerial' and is worth your full attentions. The Artist is Kate Bush.

Midgets or dwarfs are a tribe and not a disease. If they have a disease it is us.

I am grateful for how few of you have chosen to steal from me. Those tiny few which have, this is your Christmas forgiveness. Though I may at some point in the future reserve the right to give you a sharp and short whack across your bottom, and you will like it! Face it, a little firm discipline has never hurt anyone.

It is impossible to judge a thing and know a thing. To judge it is to forfeit knowing as it is impossible to know what you judge for were it truly known, it would be understood. To judge is the receipt of the lack of understanding. But we do it, learn from it and move on.

We may wish to remain watchful that China does not continue to exploit African politics (with the silent consent of the usual colonial suspects) merely to get her oil at the best possible price. China has given much to the world, yet respect for the human rights and values of other tribes have not been her strong suit. We look forward to Chinas greater participation in world affairs at a level of engagement that sensible minded people expect from great powers. The best of success to her.

Slavery was not eradicated, it's simply evolved. Our system makes slaves of other men and viciously attacks those who prefer to be men of their own standing and not simply corporate toy soldiers.

Not every lion bows and kneels to the Lord. Some honour him simply by not charging him and continuing on their way.

I thought when she first appeared that she was tight. Now with even more growth beneath my chin, I can see that Me Shell Ndege O'Cello was crucial, vital, to the national music interests. She paints real time emotional landscapes as relevant and enticing to the ear as Turners English landscapes are to the pigment shields of the eye. With her sense of space and dynamics she is Miles worthy. How tough it must be to be a visionary woman in America of any stripe or colour and be considered anything more than a market novelty, a freak. She may in fact be the greatest bass player in the world not named Mc Cartney or Marcus Miller.

There is nothing that gets the Christ energy more excited than the opportunity to free a soul from its pain. There is no greater miracle than this, that because Christ suffered your pain is understood and therefore more lovingly, non-judgementally and patiently delivered.

Forgiveness is never more important that when we are aiming it at ourselves. There is much to forgive and that is the good news, because for as long as we have work to do, we have all the more harvest to find.

The game of life is simple. If you can figure out this: Who am I? The rest falls in line to support it.

Do not waste your charity on what does not move you. Even charity must work for my coin. Charity is not an obligation, it is your free will blessing to time. You do not owe it, you bestow it. Give compellingly not compulsively as it cheapens the act and lowers the value of your contribution.

Be willing to reserve the bigger piece of the pie for yourself as a reward for your initiative and willingness to get and keep a little something going for yourself. Otherwise you weaken your drive and decrease your capacity for production and this will affect in turn your opinion of yourself as a man (or woman).

Be aware of the vampires who are parsimonious with praise yet will dole out negative opinion as if it were free air samples. Opinion is by its nature democratic and no one else's opinion carries any more value than your own. So in a pinch, back your own opinion and leave others to back theirs. If you need others opinion then you are not sure, and if you are not sure, leave it alone until you are.

Those who hiss at life cannot be surprised when life begins to elude them and keep her sweet grapes for those willing to blow kisses and not just hisses.

No responsible culture on earth glorifies the same violence that they put others to death for like America. Huh? And if I am not mistaken the good governor of California got fat rich making these sort of films.

Life is not the most precious thing that God gives to us because all there is, is life. The most precious thing we are given is time. We don't know how much time we have, so use it!

A master never complains about how hard the work is (except of course when they do) for they know that the harder the work, the more of themselves they will find along the way and the deeper the fulfilment and the fresh berries of its aftermath, joy.

Yes Joy is a berry! …and so is Halle!!!

One of the truest things that you can say about a man is that he respects your time.

We do not know how much time we have so again do not fuck about with time. Treat it as you would a supermodel, the most loving one you've ever met and then marry her and produce with her for this is the purpose of time; to produce offspring born of imagination and will.

Zen residual n°01:

Only by being tangled in the web can you overcome it.

Writers take heed – a Dolcetto d'Alba is a poets wine.

Jealousy and envy are the common currency of adulthood.

What informs the male side of the battle of the sexes is anger at women for giving birth to us in this cruel indifferent world. We are also ridiculously jealous of them for being able to give birth.

Weight gain has almost nothing to do with how much you eat, but in how much you hang on to and nothing blocks digestion quite like guilt and its attendant issue of deserving. It is easier to digest what you believe you deserve otherwise you hold it against yourself and your weight stays harder to lose.

….which incidentally, your sister's butt is so big it can be seen from Google-earth! And your brother's head is so fat that his school picture was an aerial photograph!

'The Capricorn on the cob' poems:


There is joy at last to tell! 
More than doubt can swallow 
the birds of carnival whose shape flies like mask
will be out of sight tomorrow
fate arrives like ribbon streams and says 
that fortunes follow 
when the higher mind is full of dreams 
and the little mind 
is hollow


If words over state 
what then underplays ?
although in most states 
silence underpays


Sons of God
Sons of bitches
stole all of my money 
(though I kept the riches)


Some call it insomnia 
though it's only in truth
a wakeup call for more of the work
which must be done.


Bloop bloop
Gulp gulp
A fishes' first words
waiting for a drop of drizzle
and mouth shut to avoid the sizzle


The problem with a fish dropping out of school
is that the others follow, starting every time a new school 
all over again


A whale stranded on the beach
in his last gasps this thought: 
'bloody mermaids, 
they all want the perfume
but no one has 
the spare room'


An octopus was feeling less than octo
after the hammerhead became
the only procto
the visit is never easy at best 
one porthole and eight arms aching 
and only seven days to rest


A sword fish digging for clams
comes up with a terrible sneeze
now Mrs Swordfish can't be sure 
if she's still as eager to please


Said Starfish to a startled Turtle:
'Falling stars fall into the sea
cursing their fate bitterly, 
until they begin to settle
then loan themselves 
to seahorses as they're 
learning how to saddle'
Turtle remembered as little one 
when learning how to paddle
that Starfish would give a nudge 
the heavens spat out anchors
so that the sea would never budge
and that those stars, once mad at moons,
would let drift away their grudge


Never has a Dolphin seen 
a man she couldn't move
and never has a Shark seen 
the remnants of a glove 
and not covered his mind in blood
for Dolphins man is a stranded sailor
for Sharks man is just food


singing to the Coral
their glow arrives from this procedure
choirs form because they need ya
to witness the birth of worlds 
in fragments from their voices
the rest is left to choices
which blocks to use for building
and which to use for stumbling
and with a mindset towards the latter bricks 
to start those stones a'tumbling


Had Neptune waited for time
to grant him the key to the shore 
the clock would still be 
wet with sweat, stifled 
by the weight at its door
there is only so much heat 
that time can take before 
naturally it begins to expand
and blow to hell all previous plans
which fall through time like grime
through cracks
and like fresh dimes through fat cushions
(and always found by the same child that just moments
Before you were shushing – 'shhhh' 
I'm on the phone!)
Neptune had Midas make a throne 
while his touch was still in hand
then carved his boundaries 
into the earth 
when he was exiled
from the land


a bunch 
for breakfast and for lunch!
But dinner requires more
and this is why the first fish
began to walk ashore


O the flavanoids and crystals in your love!
It drips on me like bacon fat 
and nestles in where old lovers sat
and brings me to a boil
it fattens up my thermostat 
and drenches it in oil


Will I ever receive 
the lion mind 
who need only sniff 
the air 
to know that JAH 
is passing there


I followed her down to the steps of the sea
with no intention of raping her
though I sidled up to the wedge 
that it would be I and not barnacles scraping her
who know that her last breaths 
would be measured out 
between ankle lapping waves and shot ringing out
and limply, as a scarf dashes out 
across a rushing wind
there were no doubt that I'd be framed 
my love condemned 
and my window of opportunity shamed


It guarantees a raise


We are here and 
the shallows are receding 
it looks as if 
we'll be just fine
for a while
we'll just be feeding 
and chopping the cork
off of yesterday's wine


Christos met a girl at the fair
and by gust of wind saw her 
garment close to there 
he marvelled at his gift:
to command the air 
when he needed a lift


Once Dionysus was peeling a grape
to fashion the skin as a space
for ants 
the unsung father of the break-dance
after he'd fallen asleep 
with the seeds in his pants


Just shut up!
So I did and then what…
The whole thing falls apart 
now they're begging me to speak 
when I would just much rather fart, 
fall asleep on top of the amps 
and wait for the bus to start


maybe it's a judgement
maybe just sensation
though I refuse to believe
that being a Christian 
means that you can't rot 
just 'ein bißchen'*


When push comes to shove 
shove comes to me and I
throw him out on his ass
(he's got a donkey you see)
and send him back 
to push to harass


Shivering, sweating,
dear life hoping.
Come morning
I realized I wasn't sick
at all 
just moping


Boredom nudges under your chin sometimes
and games' called on account of rain
this may sound insane 


When Christos yawns 
the birds alight 
and follow magnetics
that pulsate stamina
vortexes swirl that 
pays focus to flight
three flaps of the wings
When Dio, through his son 
Dionysus inhales 
all bad intention 
in the heart 


Christos fell asleep by a rock
and it, feeling joyful kept him awake
he'd felt that rest was what he needed
but in the wake of laughter
fatigue receded


Without something to kick against
pioneers get bored 
which is why sometimes
engineers curse the Lord
to engender a little slap
unless the Christos was taken aback 
and voices his annoyance 
in thunderclap


* 'ein bißchen' means 'a little' in German

* and here's an extra one in case you need it for Christmas!
it also works as a snow-flake…

All praises, hosannas and Rosannas and fresh yellow bananas to you and all your Santas!





Respect one another's meditation. Some are called to meditate as Christian and some as Buddhist. Some as Muslims and some Hindus. Some as vegetarians and some as breatharians . Some are even given 
to meditate as Atheists. The meditation is all, the form is not.

If you, drowning and in need of help were to be offered a rope from someone experiencing a different meditation, would you refuse it based on that? Hardly. Yet, everyday we refuse the same rope of fellowship, even though we are clearly everyday drowning in fear and sorrows.

Few meditations require as much will as the beggar's. Respect his meditation. Be a man and show regard for a man willing to go that far to prove his time before God, who assigns all meditations. The best that you can do for him is not to look down upon him because in the long run the value of his time is also the value of yours. 

…and finally no ones meditation can ever be any deeper or more special than a child's. And this is the meditation to show the highest possible regard for. Because if they can make it through their meditation undisturbed, then they inherit themselves as Angels.

You may use it, yet not abuse it!